We want your horrific home haircuts! Send us your pics as Brits ditch barbers

Coronavirus chaos has led to many of us cutting our own hair.

Snaps of “pandemic fringes” and DIY shave jobs have gone viral online.

And we must admit, the dodgy barnets have been making us laugh during all the mayhem.

If you’re avoiding your hairdresser because of social distancing, we want to hear from you.

Daily Star Online is looking for the best of homemade hairdos to display online.

For a chance to be featured, send your pictures to [email protected].

Looking for inspiration?

Take a look at this lovely lot.

The mane attraction

A lass tried to frame her face with a nice fringe.

But unfortunately, her DIY job didn't seem to go to plan.

The bangs ended up looking quite stringy – oh dear.

Close shave

This bloke's attempt to shave a fade into the back of his head didn't go to plan.

He didn't get his lines very even – and we imagine it's going to grow out quite poorly.

Maybe get a friend to help if you're gonna tackle the back of your head.

Things got a little hairy

It looks like Sweeney Todd cut this 'do.

The hair is half fluffy and half shaved, creating a rather bizarre effect.

It's like a reverse mullet…

Hair salons are not illegal during the lockdown as long as customers are dealt with one person at a time – but most salons have shut.

This includes nationwide chains.

Other salons are already stressing out about clients ruining their locks with home dye kits and dodgy bowl haircuts.

We'd tell you not to cut your own hair, but it's providing us with a lot of laughs.

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