Watch moving moment Uriah Hall tells UFC legend Anderson Silva 'I love you' after win as Dana White urges him to retire

URIAH HALL told Anderson Silva 'I love you' in a moving moment after beating the UFC legend.

Silva emotionally bid goodbye to the UFC after suffering defeat in what will be his last time inside the octagon.

He was knocked out by Hall, who apologised after spoiling in the Brazilian's farewell fight.

The pair embraced in a hug and Hall said: "I love you. I'm so sorry."

Silva, 45, came into the curtain closer having lost his last two bouts in a three-year winless run.

And the losing streak continued, as the middleweight icon was stopped in round four.

Hall dropped the Brazilian with a right hook and finished the fight on the floor.

After the win, he said: "I can't really describe it, it's just so many emotions.

"Hats off to the legend for what he's done in the sport. It was a lot of emotion.

"I know the job was to go out there and get the W, but to separate the emotions, that was work itself. I was just honoured to share that moment with him."

Despite Silva still having one more bout on his contract, he confirmed he will walk away from the UFC.

But he has not guaranteed that his career is over for good with other opportunities elsewhere.

Silva said: “I don’t know. First I will go back home and then I will go sit with my team and go over everything.

"But let’s just see, you know? Because, it is tough to say it is my last or not because this is my air.

"This is what I do for my entire life and I do it with my heart. Let’s just see.”

Despite Silva's willingness to fight on, UFC president Dana White has pleaded with the veteran to retire.

White said: "I’m not trying to prevent him from doing anything – he’s a grown man and can do what he wants.

“He’s got one fight left with us. I’ll never let him fight here again. I want him to retire, and I hope when he goes home his family tells him the same thing.

'“I’m in a really hard position because he’s a guy I care about, he’s a legend of this company and I don’t wanna sit up here and s*** on him.

“But he’s almost 46 years old. Unless you’re tying to save your life or defend your family, no 46-year-old should be fighting, period.”

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