Walkers is now selling Nando’s and Pizza Express inspired crisps and you can buy them in Home Bargains – The Sun

WALKERS new range of flavours will be a hit with crisp fans.

They've released five new limited-edition flavours, inspired by some of the UK’s favourite restaurants, including Nando’s, PizzaExpress, YO!, Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Las Iguanas.

The flavours are based on the restaurants’ signature dishes, so there is YO!'s katsu curry, Nando’s PERi-PERi chicken, GBK's classic cheeseburger, the American Hot pizza from Pizza Express and the chilli con carne from Las Iguanas.

Customers can choose from a single-serve packet for 69p, a grab bag for 84p, a five-bag multi-pack for £1 and a 15-bag multi-pack for £2.50.

They will be available from now on at retailers nationwide, while stocks last.

The bags have already been spotted on sale in Home Bargains – as revealed by Instagrammer Kev's Snack Reviews, who shared pics of the bags on shelves yesterday.

Crisp fans were delighted, with one member of the public jokingly asking whether picking up a bag came under the government guidelines for an essential trip outside.

In 2018, Walkers released six new crisp flavours based on classic dishes from the last six decades.

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, they launched a new flavour for every decade the company has been around.

They included coronation chicken (1950s), roast lamb and mint (1960s), cheese fondue (1970s), chicken tikka masala (1980s), BBQ ribs (1990s) and sweet chilli (2000s).

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