Volkswagen Will Develop Its Own High-Performance Chips for Self-Driving Vehicles

German automotive group Volkswagen has announced plans to develop its own high-performance chips for future self-driving vehicles.

Speaking to German newspaper Handelsblatt, the automotive group’s CEO Herbert Diess explains that the decision to move in-house comes as part of an effort to create more harmony between software and hardware. “To achieve optimal performance in light of the high demands that exist for cars, software and hardware have to come out of one hand,” Diess said.

While it does intend to design its own chips, the automaker also says that it won’t be producing them itself, instead looking to own patents over the designs. It’ll be relying on its software division Cariad to expand on its expertise and move into the semiconductor space, following in the footsteps of both Tesla and Apple, which have moved processor development in-house over the years.

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