Vanessa Bryant Shares First Look at Late Husband Kobe's New Novel Geese Are Never Swans

During an appearance on PEOPLE Now in April, King revealed he and Kobe worked tirelessly on Season One and even went through six or seven drafts before perfecting it.

“This is an underdog story. This is a story about a kid who’s defined himself as being as the bottom of the bottom," King said. "He’s so used to losing so he believes he can only lose. So, this entire story is about redefining who we are and working towards our dreams."

"It’s a very Kobe-esque story," he added.

Before his death in a helicopter crash in January — which also claimed the lives of his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, and seven others — Bryant was heavily focused on producing content for children.

In 2018, he launched The Punies, a scripted podcast series meant to teach life lessons to children through a medium similar to a Saturday morning cartoon.

“I wanted to give parents something they can listen to during the drive because we certainly needed something to listen to,” he told PEOPLE at the time. “We need something that’s fun, something that gets the kids ready to play, but also keeps things light and fun, and has a message for them before they engage in competition.”

“If you’re able to implant life lessons through humor, and through fantasy and fairytale,” Bryant explained, “then those tend to resonate a lot more [with children].”

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