UKs most sighted ghosts – from Anne Boleyn to Lady Jane Grey

It's Halloween this weekend, which means many people will be out ghost hunting or just telling each other some spooky tales.

Some people will be visiting haunted houses as they aim to spot a spirit themselves.

But have you ever wondered what ghosts are the ones most spotted in the UK?

If the answer is yes, then wonder no more, as car maintenance brand Simoniz has discovered what ghosts you may spot in each region.

According to the data, Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey and Margaret Pole (Countess of Salisbury) are some of the top ghosts spotted in the UK.

The research found that the spirits of these are usually spotted in London.

Anne Boleyn was Queen of England from 1533 to 1536, as the second wife of King Henry VIII, while Lady Jane Grey was an English noblewoman who claimed the throne of England and Ireland from 10 July until 19 July 1553.

Margaret Pole (Countess of Salisbury), meanwhile, was the only surviving daughter of George, Duke of Clarence, a brother of Kings Edward IV and Richard III,

Outside of London, you are apparently likely to spot a monk, a mermaid, accident victims, a headless horseman or plague victims if you're in the East Midlands.

Monks are also popular in the East of England, while in the North West you may spot the ghost of a dog.

In Ireland, soldier spirits are likely, while in Scotland you could see a Highlander man.

Female spirit are likely to be spotted in the South and in Wales, while trolls and an executioner are often spotted in Yorkshire.

As well as the top ghosts seen in the UK, the data also found the top-rated haunted hotels in the UK.

Taking the top spot was The Jamaica Inn in the South West, with 146 haunted mentions and a star rating of 8.2 by visitors.

This was followed by the Mermaid Inn in the South East, with 101 haunted mentions and a star rating of 9.

Taking third spot, meanwhile, was Bagdale Hall Hotel, Whitby, with 11 haunted mentions and a star rating of 9.1.

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