UKs most expensive fish and chips will set you back staggering £80 a portion

Most people think of fish and chips from the local chippy as a rather reasonably priced meal.

However, your debit card would be in for a shock if you stumbled upon chip shop Enzo's in Crookston, Glasgow.

Instead of costing under a tenner for a bit of fish and some tasty chips, a portion at the boujiee fish and chip shop will set you back an eye-watering £79.99.

There is a reason why it's so expensive though, as this isn't any normal fish and chips you can find from your local fast food place.

The price is so hight because everything on your plate, including both the fish and chips as well as the pickled onion, lemon and even a battered sausage, is sprinkled with 24 karat edible gold.

The restaurant announced the new product via Instagram, with the post reading: "UK’s Most Expensive Golden Fish & Chips Supper covered with 24K Edible Gold.

"Love Exotic Food? You’ve to try this!! #diningGlasgow."

The order contains two 'golden jumbo fish,' one 'golden sausage,' 'golden chips,' 'golden pickled onions' and 'golden lemons'.

If you fancy the expensive meal, the shop says you'll have to preorder it, rather than just going and getting it on whim.

Enzo's concludes: "Who can say no to a luxurious meal?! Not me!! I’ve got a weakness for Crispy Chips and not to mention that Soft and Tender Fish!"

Not everyone is convinced about the flash fish and chips though.

Although more than 300 people liked the post, one user questioned whether gold really belongs on fish and chips.

Another questioned the costly price of the meal, as they asked: "Isn’t edible gold like cheap??"

The news comes after Salt Bae – a.k.a. Nusret Gökçe, known for his extoritionate gold-coated steaks, saw his London Nusr-Et restaurant given one of the lowest rankings in the area on TripAdvisor last December.

Dishes range from £17 all the way up to an obscene £1,450, with some of the restaurant's specials include a Golden Burger for £100 and a Golden Giant Tomahawk steak for £1,450.

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