UFO sighting: Hunter thinks a flying saucer-shaped cloud is an ‘alien ship’

The supposed UFO was caught on camera by an eyewitness travelling at night through the province of Leon in northern Spain. The video was then uploaded to YouTube where the eyewitness said the anomaly was caught on the road between Truchas and Quintanilla de Yuso. The video shows a large, circular cloud with a flat bottom and almost dome-like top.

And although at first glance it appears to be nothing more than a lenticular cloud, some UFO hunters are convinced something extraterrestrial is afoot.

In particular, self-titled UFO expert Scott C Waring of UFO sightings believes this is an alien ship cloaked in clouds for disguise.

Mr Waring is a firm believer aliens are alive and well throughout the solar system and frequently visit our planet.

He even suggested the cloud UFO has a base under the ocean floor.

The UFO hunter said: “What we see here is a huge UFO that has created a cloud around it in order to not frighten the public.

“It probably is moving from a base under the ocean floor to a new location.

“The object also seems to be moving very fast, too fast to be a cloud.

“The disk itself is perfectly balanced and mimics the alien disk shape perfectly. This is an alien ship.”

However, this is not the first time Mr Waring has dubbed perfectly innocuous clouds alien UFOs.

This is an alien ship

Scott Waring, UFO Sightings Daily

Earlier this year, for instance, he shared photos of lenticular clouds near Mr Fuji in Japan and called them “100 percent evidence” of aliens hiding in clouds.

More recently, he analysed a video of a cloud over West Yorkshire and has determined, in his opinion, it too was a cloaked UFO.

And the conspiracy theorist’s bizarre claims do not end there.

In May this year he claimed to have found an “alien gun” on Mars in official NASA rover photos.

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Last year he also called on SpaceX chief Elon Musk to retrieve what he thought was a crashed alien spaceship on the Moon.

So, what exactly is happening here? Could the oddly-shaped cloud be a genuine UFO.

Unlikely and is what is happening is a phenomenon known as lenticular clouds.

Lenticular clouds are a perfectly natural event that occurs when winds blow over hills and mountains from the same direction but at different heights.

The winds can whip up oddly-shaped clouds that have been mistaken in the past for UFOs.

In some cases, lenticular clouds can have multiple layers like stacked pancakes.

The Met Office said: “These strange, unnatural looking clouds sometimes form downwind of hills or mountains.

“They are quite unusual in the British Isles but do occasionally occur.

“They look a lot like the traditional shape of flying saucers in science fiction, and real lenticular clouds are believed to be one of the most common explanations for UFO sightings across the world.”

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