Top sexual fantasies for British men and women revealed

What your partner REALLY wants in the bedroom: Being blindfolded tops the list of sexual fantasies for women – but men are more likely to imagine a threesome

  • New data from shows top 10 kinks of men and women in the UK
  • 35 per cent of women surveyed wanted to try sex while blindfolded the most
  • The top fantasy among men in the survey was introducing a third party to sex 

Sex while blindfolded and having a threesome are the most popular fantasies for British women and men respectively, research reveals.

The survey of 2,987 Brits asked respondents to list their top 10 sexual fantasies. 

The kink that was most frequently mentioned by women in the survey was blindfolded sex, with 35 per cent selecting it in their top 10. 

The sexual fantasy that women in the UK are most willing to try is sex while blindfolded, according to new data (stock image)

Sex in a Jacuzzi also ranked highly among women with 31 per cent suggesting the kink. 

The fantasy suggestions didn’t just take place at home though, with 26 per cent of women also saying that they’ve fantasises about having sex in an elevator.

The least selected fantasies by women included writing FanFic sexual stories for their partners, using flavoured lubricants and watching pornography with their partner.

Meanwhile amongst the man who took part in the survey, conducted by UK-based online marketplace, introducing a third party into the bedroom for a threesome featured most commonly, with 36 per cent saying they wanted to try it. 

The second most popular fetish that men wanted to try was video call sex, which may have seen a rise in popularity given the increased number of these calls used for work during the national lockdown.

Coming in at third for men was sex in a Jacuzzi with 26 per cent suggesting they wanted to try it.

The least popular sexual fantasies among men included paying with hot wax, sex with food and having a one night stand, with all three kinks receiving less than 10 per cent of votes. 

Of the men who took part in the survey, 36 per cent said that the kink they most wanted to try was to introduce a third party into the bedroom (stock image)

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