Tippers give delivery drivers toilet paper in age of coronavirus

Toilet paper isn’t just for the tuchus anymore.

In our coronavirus world, bending over backward to give someone the two-ply is a way to say thanks.

TikTok user @evaneramagic earned over 840,000 likes and 7,000 comments when he posted a video on his account about tipping delivery drivers with GermX hand sanitizer and a 12-pack pack of Cotonelle.

“Take care of the people who are taking care of you. stay safe my friends,” he captioned.

In the video, which has garnered 3.8 million views, a courier delivering a package is greeted by a sign that reads, “Delivery drivers: Take it if you need it! Thank you for all your hard work.”

The dutiful delivery driver door knocks to make sure the offer is the real deal.

“Aw man, you a lifesaver, thank you. I went to Walmart, it’s kind of hard, though,” the courteous courier says. “I didn’t get no toilet paper … thank you man, I appreciate it.”

In Beantown, a grateful 44-year-old Boston woman thanked her pizza guy with some dough and a roll of TP.

“The guy looked at her like he was crazy!” roared a woman familiar with the episode.

And some businesses are returning the favor.

For every large pizza ordered at Mequon Pizza Company in Wisconsin, the restaurant is offering a free roll of bathroom tissue, no ifs, ands or butts.

“Did you run out of toilet paper? If so, MPC has your back! Our regular, massive shipment was just delivered so for every large pizza you purchase we will give you a free roll of Cottonelle, 2-ply toilet paper, if you need it! Just ask ❤️”

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