This hotel suite is hiding a secret room – guests only find it by moving a book on the shelf

A HOTEL suite in the US has a hidden room which guests are challenged to find – with a secret reading nook behind the bookcase.

Travel blogger Zanna van Dijk stayed at the Bella Vista Bed and Breakfast Inn in California and shared her discovery.

The secret room is found in the Monte Vista Suite, with the hotel challenging: "If you are clever enough, you will find a secret room somewhere in your suite."

The luxurious room features a bookcase at the end of the bed, which is the secret to the discovery.

A book on the third shelf has no pages inside it, but instead has a golden door handle.

Behind the secret bookcase door is a reading room with a floor to ceiling bookcase, armchair and window with views of the surrounding area.

You can stay for yourself for £200 a night, although California is currently off the cards for Brits due to the US borders being closed to the UK.

The room description states the decor is "100 years of Hollywood" with vintage pictures of celebrities and film stars.

Tik Tok fans loved the secret room, with one person commenting: "Put a couch, blankets, some candles and I am gone. Living the rest of my life as a blanket human burrito surrounded by books… Ngl sounds like heaven."

Another person said: "That would be good for hide and seek."

Someone else agreed: "This was always my dream as a kid."

Hotels also have hidden rooms for VIP guests, not available on booking websites.

Even though the rooms aren’t advertised, you can still rent them if you receive the go-ahead from hotel management.

A new scheme called Sleepover to Help Over is offering discounts and free upgrades if you book a hotel stay.

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