‘They are taking the p***’ Viewers outraged by Rich House Poor House depictions of wealth

Rich House, Poor House couples in awe at each other's homes

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In tonight’s episode of Rich House, Poor House, there were two families depicted on the opposite ends of the wealth spectrum. One family consisted of a mother and her three children in a three-bedroom rented terrace in Walthamstow, and the other family consists of “rags to riches businesswoman” Toni, and her daughter Diana in a massive house in Hertfordshire.

The two families swapped houses and budgets for an entire week, and viewers could not believe some of the things they saw on the programme.

Antoaneta and Diana’s home is a six-bedroom and six-bathroom countryside home, which is incredibly spacious and beautiful inside.

Antoaneta, known as Toni, is originally from Bulgaria who worked her way up to mass wealth by being a bartender and a cleaner.

She eventually became the owner of a cleaning company and now believes in eco-friendly living.

One Twitter user wrote: “This week we have the rich house, a woman and her daughter obsessed with eco-friendly living.

“They have six bedrooms / six bathrooms house……..very eco-friendly!!”

Another Twitter user added: “First five minutes of rich house poor house just seemed like advertising for the rich family’s business.”

One more commented saying: “Watching the Rich House, Poor House thing and notice many of the rich used to be poor.

“You’d think someone who experienced poverty would not need to do this show. Why do they do it? Almost like they are taking the p***.”

The other family contains Naomi Paul from East London, who due to the coronavirus pandemic lost her job.

Therefore, she now lives at home with her three children and must survive on benefits.

However, after Naomi has paid all her bills, she only has £60 to spend on herself and her children per week.

One Twitter user was fuming at the way Naomi’s family was being depicted on television.

They wrote: “I take objection to the comment about them being ‘squeezed’ into that house.

“I grew up with two siblings, my parents and a dog in a three bed end terraced council house a LOT smaller than that, and we were just fine!”

When Naomi’s family arrived at Toni’s Hertfordshire home, Naomi quickly told her children “shoes off!”

The children were amazed by the massive house and were even left instructions of which type of water to drink.

In contrast, Toni was appalled she had to drink tap water for the entire week at Naomi’s house. Toni also got quite sad as being in Naomi’s house brought back harsh memories of struggling with money when she first moved to London 20 years ago.

One Twitter user was unsympathetic to Toni’s tears. They wrote: “£50 she gets employed as a cleaner by the rich woman at the end of the show.”

Another was in disbelief at Toni and Diana’s excessive wealth, saying: “Six bedrooms six bathrooms? For two people?”

Naomi had left instructions for Toni and Diana to top up the electricity, which the mother-daughter duo could not believe.

After topping up the electricity, Toni and Diana were only left with £53 for the week with Naomi’s budget.

This demonstrated the massive wealth gap between the two families, while Naomi was enjoying private sessions with a personal trainer at Toni’s massive house.

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