These are the top fantasies on people's sex bucket lists

Is your sex life feeling too vanilla as of late?

Sometimes, we fall into a rut where even the most passionate bedroom antics aren’t enough – and we need to shake things up.

A useful way to come up with new sexual activities is to write up a bucket list and work your way through it.

For those feeling uninspired, a new piece of research has revealed the top fantasies Brits want to try in the sack.

The survey, which included 2,897 participants, was split by gender (not including non-binary people) and showed what men and women prefer, respectively.

For instance, the most popular bucket list item to tick off for women is being blindfolded during sex, while for men the number one spot is having a threesome.

Meanwhile, the least popular activity among women includes writing erotic fan fiction for a partner (7%) while most men aren’t keen on bringing food into the bedroom (only 8% said yes).

Both genders are up for getting freaky in a jacuzzi at 31% and 26% respectively and public sex is also a hit, albeit in different places.

While women want to have sex in a lift, men prefer doing this in a public toilet.

Unsurprisingly, given the current climate where only people in ‘established’ relationships are legally allowed to have sex, virtual fun made it onto both genders’ bucket list too, but with one major difference.

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