The seven words that reveal whether a man is cheating on you

I have figured out the seven-word sentence that means your boyfriend is cheating on you

  • Woman says she can tell if a man is guilty of cheating with one sentence 
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A woman has shared the one sentence she believes signals a man’s guilt after he’s been accused of cheating. 

Mariah Fernando caused quite a stir after she said any man who uses the phrase ‘go ahead and believe what you want’ in an argument about whether or not he’s cheating is probably lying.

Many agreed the sentence was ‘manipulative’ and implied a guilty conscience.

However, others suggested that innocent men say this when they are ‘tired’ of being wrongly accused of infidelity.

‘If you’re confronting your man for cheating and he says, “Go ahead and believe what you want,” I hate to break it you, ladies, but that man is guilty. He is guilty,’ the 23-year-old said in a viral video.

The clip has been viewed more than two million times, dividing thousands of men and women in the comments section.

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A woman has revealed the one thing a man can say when accused of cheating that automatically makes her think he is guilty: ‘Go ahead and believe what you want’ (stock image)

Many women agreed and backed up Mariah’s theory with stories of their own. 

‘So true. I remember hearing this. Never let a man turn you into Sherlock. It’s not worth it,’ one woman said.  

‘This is 100 per cent proven to be true,’ a second agreed, and a third wrote: ‘True, they don’t know what to say cause they’ve been caught.’

‘I agree because if he was innocent he would be aggressively defending himself,’ someone else added.   

Others were furious over Mariah’s hot take, arguing that ‘believe what you want’ is far from an admission of guilt.

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‘It doesn’t mean he’s cheating. It could mean he isn’t going to argue pointlessly with a insecure, childish person,’ one wrote. 

‘Get proof before you ever accuse anyone one of cheating! One remark [as] proof is the most moronic thing ever!’ a second exclaimed.

‘I do this but not because I’m guilty [but because] I don’t have any energy to argue,’ a man explained.

One commenter said the sentence didn’t mean a man was guilty of cheating, but nonetheless probably meant the relationship was over.

‘If you are insecure and don’t trust him then you shouldn’t be together,’ they said. 

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