The First-Ever Adopted Gerber Baby is Here!

Courtney was joined on the show by her husband Russell and their 12- and 8-year-old daughters Whitney and Charlotte.

What’s possibly the most refreshing aspect of all of this is how open the Earls are about their adoption journey. In fact, Courtney explained that they’d notified Magnolia’s birth parents — with whom they’re in regular contact — of her exciting new status via phone.

“If you could hear the joy in their voice of how proud they are of this little girl… Together with them and our community and our family, we all this love this baby girl so much,” said a teary-eyed Courtney on the show.

She also said that she and her family “celebrate adoption… every single day. The real hero in this story are Magnolia’s birth parents. They chose her life, and they sent her on this incredible journey.”

Open adoptions — when birth parents, adopted parents, and the child remain in touch — have largely become the norm. These days, 67% of private adoptions agree on at least a semi-open adoption; those that do not are at the request of the birth mother. And it’s no wonder that adoptions are veering more and more towards openness; the transparency, communication and support that an open adoption can provide are beneficial to all parties involved in forming healthy, stable relationships.

One birth mother who chose open adoption for her son wrote about the decision for SheKnows

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