The destinations you need a negative coronavirus test to visit – but you won't have to quarantine

MORE holiday destinations are welcoming British tourists back – as long as you have a negative coronavirus test.

Islands in Europe and the Caribbean are introducing the new restrictions as a way to reduce the chance of infections on the islands.

Families wanting a negative coronavirus test will have to get it privately – you cannot get it on the NHS as only those with symptoms or being told to get a test by their doctor are allowed.

Tests for travel reasons are not included on the NHS – and private facilities offer the service which can cost between £100 and £200 per person.

Many will offer a Fit to Fly document as well as a speedy service, but demand has led to some private facilities suspending the service for holidays.

Destinations like the Seychelles and Barbados not only require the tests, but also quarantines on arrival up to five days while waiting for a second test.

It has also been suggested that similar measures could be introduced in Spain, in particular for Majorca, Ibiza and Tenerife.

Only a few destinations without quarantine don't require them for British tourists just. yet, such as Germany and Greece.

Here are the destinations you can still visit with a negative test but without quarantines either end.


Introduced last week, Brits must have a negative coronavirus test taken 72 hours before entering the country.

Tourists without one can have a test taken at the airport for free, although will have to quarantine until given the results.

While most airports offer the tests, some are thought to only offer it between 9am and 5pm, causing confusion for incoming arrivals.

Madeira and the Azores

Mainland Portugal remains on the UK's quarantine list, but the islands Madeira and the Azores do not.

A negative coronavirus test is required to enter, taken up to 72 hours before arrival, with other documents also needing to be filled in when entering the country.


One of the first countries to enforce the tests on British arrivals, the island requires a negative result, with the tests needing to be taken up to 72 hours before arrival.

St Lucia

All arrivals from the UK must have a negative coronavirus test taken within seven days of flying.

You must also fill in a pre-arrival registration form within the first three days of your holiday, and face temperature checks and screenings at the airport.


All arrivals from the UK must have a negative coronavirus test taken within seven days of flying.

You must download the contact tracing app fill out a pre-travel form.

If you want to leave thehotel grounds, you have to have a coronavirus test, only available after dour days, which is free – if negative, you can then explore other areas.


All arrivals from the UK must have a negative coronavirus test taken within seven days of flying.

Some hotels and resorts are also testing on arrival.

There are now just nine countries you can visit without having to quarantine on arrival or back in the UK – and even less with no travel restrictions at all.

Tour operators are instead looking at summer 2021 for holidays, with bargain prices to the Spanish islands.

Turkey currently on the quarantine list, is also popular for holidays next year.

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