The Biggest Loser's Trainers Tips for Eating Healthy at Home

If you’re looking to eat healthier as you social distance, the trainers from The Biggest Loser have you covered!

As seen in the video above, the trio of trainers gave E! exclusive tips on how you can keep eating right even amid the coronavirus pandemic.

With advisories to avoid going out if possible in many parts of the country, Steve Cook gave recommendations of which nutritious foods you can stock up on in your freezer.

“Egg whites freeze well, almond milk will also freeze well,” he told us. “I have frozen veggies…and lots of frozen protein,” he added before joking he’s always got a frozen pizza for when he wants to indulge, too.

The stress that comes with the COVID-19 situation also can make you want to reach for carb-heavy snacks, but Bob Harper recommends trying to avoid those as well as sugar and alcohol as much as possible.

“As much as I know you are going to want to reach for comfort food, if you can keep your diet healthy and clean as much as possible, trust me, you’re going to feel so much better,” Harper advises. “I would really focus on eating whole foods…get whole grains you could be eating, getting lean protein.”

Harper also recommended drinking lots of water to keep your energy up.

Erica Lugo‘s food tips seconded stocking up on almond milk and egg whites—as well as chicken broth that makes an easy soup out of any veggies you have—but also pointed out that above all, it’s important to not be too hard on yourself.

“Give yourself a lot of grace…we are all human, there’s going to be slip-ups,” the recently-married star added.

For more exclusive tips, check out the full video above.

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