The 13 best secateurs 2022 to keep your garden neat and tidy

The best secateurs are a gardener essential – whether you're a seasoned horticulturist used to pruning like a pro, or a novice still getting to grips with your outdoor space.

A vital piece of kit for staying on top of pruning, a great pair of secateurs will be super sharp, easy to grip, comfortable to hold and able to cut through thick stems or tough shrubs with ease.

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Essentially, secateurs are a pair of gardening scissors that are used to cut back plants to encourage new growth. They can also halt wayward shrubs from invading your garden and be used to deadhead flowers to promote more flowering.

We've scoured the market to bring you our ultimate selection of the best secateurs to buy right now.

Fiskars Solid Bypass Garden Pruners P341

  • Fiskars Bypass Garden Pruners P341, £14.49 from Amazon – buy here

Part of Fiskars' Solid collection, these well-priced secateurs will power through an unruly garden with satisfying speed, slicing through branches and twigs up to 20mm in thickness.

The sturdy yet soft handles are comfy to hold, while the upper cutting blade is non-stick, so they can glide through the trickiest of pruning jobs.

A locking mechanism keeps the secateurs closed for safe storage.


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Gardena Bypass Secateurs

  • Gardena Bypass Secateurs, £16 from Argos – buy here

A major player in the garden equipment world, Gardena are well known for producing high quality, well-priced products to help gardeners maintain their outside space.

These Bypass Secateurs have a cutting diameter of 20mm, making them perfect for the majority of pruning jobs, plus the brand is known for their incredible comfort and this product's ergonomically designed fibreglass reinforced handles are no exception.

These secateurs also come with a rather impressive 25-year guarantee, so you can prune away with confidence.

Burgon & Ball Left-handed Bypass Secateurs

  • Burgon & Ball Left-handed Bypass Secateurs, £22.99 from Burgon & Ball – buy here

Left-handed gardeners, rejoice: these striking orange secateurs by Burgon & Ball have you covered.

Designed specifically for left-handers, these cutters are just as no-nonsense as the other products in the brand's range, boasting a carbon steel blade, they can cut up to 25mm and they're endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Okatsune 103 Bypass Secateurs

  • Okatsune 103 Bypass Secateurs, £58.99 from Amazon – buy here

Cool fact: Okatsune's razor-sharp secateurs are forged from the finest Japanese steel, which is the same used to make the Katana sword of the Samurai.

The design of these secateurs is strikingly simple, but the extra-strong blades and quality construction mean they make even the toughest cutting jobs effortless.

Described by one shopper as "surgically precise", most reviewers agree once you've tried a pair of Okatsune secateurs, nothing else compares.

Kent & Stowe Ratchet Anvil Secateurs

  • Kent & Stowe Ratchet Anvil Secateurs, £14.19 from Amazon – buy here

Combining the functions of a ratchet and anvil pruner, these secateurs are an excellent choice for gardeners with a weaker grip.

In ratchet mode (which makes four short cuts), they can slice through tough stems of up to 22mm with very little pressure, and they offer a 18mm cut in anvil mode.

Thoughtful details make these affordable cutters even better value for money, including an easy-to-grip looped handle that features a flash of red and the addition of an oil sponge to clean the blades. They even come with a five-year guarantee.

Felco Model 2 Original Secateurs

  • Felco Model 2 Original Secateurs, £47.49 from Felco – buy here

Designed by renowned Swiss brand Felco over 74 years ago, the Model 2 Original Secateurs continue to be a best seller due to their next-level cutting ability.

Made for medium to large hands, they have robust aluminium alloy handles that are ergonomic and non-slip, plus steel blades that can cut through up to 25mm of branches and woody stems.

Undoubtedly a high-end option with a price tag to match, they are made to last and come with a lifetime guarantee, so these secateurs are a worthy investment for keen gardeners.

Niwaki Mainichi Secateurs

  • Niwaki Mainichi Secateurs, £42 from Niwaki – buy here

The go-to choice for pruning in Japan, the simple, strong and direct cutting action of these Niwaki secateurs make them a force to be reckoned with for unruly gardens.

They feature a chunky safety catch at the bottom, 55mm carbon steel blades and an eye-catching yellow handle that's easily spotted if you drop them mid-prune.

They're pricey and they have a smaller cutting diameter than other secateurs at 10-15mm, but they're extremely efficient and lightweight. For gardens in need of quick and easy constant pruning, these secateurs are a fantastic choice.

Spear & Jackson Ratchet Anvil Secateurs

  • Spear & Jackson Ratchet Anvil Secateurs, £18.99 from Amazon – buy here

If you're constantly battling chunky stems and thicker deadwood in your garden, a pair of ratchet anvil secateurs like these are exactly what your toolkit needs.

Able to cut through 20mm of material (and more, according to some reviewers), these Spear & Jackson Secateurs use a ratchet function to effectively slice through tough branches in four quick cuts.

The carbon steel cutting blades are coated with PTFE for smooth cutting and to resist rust, plus they feature a metal locking catch and non-slip grip.

Boasting over 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, these secateurs are major crowd-pleasers that can easily handle most tough garden cutting jobs.

Wilkinson Sword Ratchet Anvil Pruner

  • Wilkinson Sword Ratchet Anvil Pruner, £10.40 from Amazon – buy here

With a three-step ratchet function, these affordable secateurs from Wilkinson Sword have a decent cutting diameter of 22mm, despite their lightweight build, weighing just 160g.

Their feathery feel means they can be used for lengthy pruning sessions and shoppers report they don't need much pressure to slice, even through thicker stems and branches.

They feature a central catch, so they work for both left- and right-handed use, plus the non-stick coated blade means they make clean cuts every time.

Gardena EcoLine Garden Secateurs

  • Gardena EcoLine Garden Secateurs, £27.59 from Amazon – buy here

If you're looking for a pair of secateurs that have been produced sustainably, the search is over. The plastic used to make these Gardena EcoLine cutters is made from 80 percent recyclable materials, while the steel components are 75 percent recycled.

The stainless steel blades have a cutting diameter of up to 18mm, so while these secateurs are not suited to heavy-duty pruning, they're just the ticket for keeping flowers and young shoots in order.

The ergonomic handles make them a pleasure to use, while the streamlined, classic design means they're not a bad-looking piece of equipment either.

Davaon Ergonomic Garden Secateurs

  • Davaon Ergonomic Garden Secateurs, £14.57 from Amazon – buy here

If you struggle with holding a pair of secateurs for a long period of time, these Ergonomic Garden Secateurs by Davaon have a clever innovation to make things easier.

The lower handle auto rotates, meaning it moves with you as you cut, creating less strain and pressure on your hands and wrist. The soft-grip upper handle adds to the ease of handling to create a cutting experience that's unlike any other.

Backed up by over 4,000 five-star Amazon reviews, these secateurs have a legion of fans who rave about their comfort. The SK5 carbon steel blades are pretty impressive too and can cut through 20mm branches with no problems.

Darlac Expert Bypass Pruners Secateurs DP1030A

  • Darlac Expert Bypass Pruners Secateurs DP1030A, £23.30 from Amazon – buy here

With a slim profile and ergonomic handle, these secateurs are a great option for smaller hands and shoppers report they offer a supremely comfortable grip.

A solid product with a great deal of strength, they feature a useful wire-cutting notch, a drop forged aluminium body and SK5 high carbon steel blades for seriously clean cuts of up to 25mm in diameter.

A solid buy that will go the distance, these secateurs will make light work of any pruning task your garden throws at you.

Stihl PG25 Anvil Secateurs

  • Stihl PG25 Anvil Secateurs, £31.03 from Stihl – buy here

A German brand known for their power tools, Stihl's secateurs are a favourite amongst seasoned gardeners for their solid feel and petite build.

The non-stick coated steel blades can cut through branches up to 15mm in diameter and the central safety catch is simple to operate.

The compact handles slot nicely into hands when pruning and their vivid orange hue means they're not easily lost amongst the foliage of an overgrown garden.

What are secateurs and what do you use them for?

Secateurs are a hand-held garden tool similar to scissors that are used to prune gardens. Equipped with a sharp cutting blade, they can trim through bushes, trees and shrubs.

An essential tool for garden maintenance, secateurs can help you manage overgrown and unruly plants, shape plants in a desired way and help with cutting off dead leaves, flower heads and stems.

What to look for in a pair of secateurs

The best secateurs will feel solid yet comfortable to hold – you should be able to prune with them for a long time with no discomfort.

Consider what you'll be using them for – if you only need to cut back smaller plants or deadhead flowers, you won't need a pair of heavy-duty secateurs with a large cutting diameter.

If, on the other hand, you regularly need to prune large, thicker areas, it's worth considering how big the cutting diameter is.

Different types of secateurs offer different advantages – bypass models work like scissors with two blades that glide past each other for a clean cut. These are great for sharp, everyday pruning.

Anvil secateurs have one blade and a flat surface that the blade cuts onto, which is useful for cutting through thicker stems and dead wood.

Ratchet secateurs cut in a series of stages, so they don't need as much pressure to work.

Where to buy garden secateurs in the UK

If you live near a good-sized garden centre or hardware shop, it's a great idea to have a look at the brands they have in stock and any deals that are running. That way, you can hold the secateurs in your hand and see if you like the look and feel of them.

If you're after something specific, online is your best bet. Retailers like Amazon, Robert Dyas, Dobbies and Screwfix, plus specific manufacturers like Burgon & Ball and Felco, all have a wide range of secateurs to cover all budgets and needs.

How much do secateurs cost?

It's possible to pick up a very basic pair of secateurs for under £10, but most mid-range models are priced between £15 and £35.

For premium secateurs by high-end brands, you can pay up to £90, while really technical secateurs, that have been drop-forged and are wielded by celebrity gardeners can reach well over £100.

What are the best secateurs?

We hope the selection in this article gives you a steer on what the best secateurs for your specific needs are.

For left-handed gardeners in need of a powerful cutting tool, the Burgon & Ball Left-handed Bypass Secateurs are the ones to beat, or for anyone who wants to put comfort first, you can't go far wrong with Davaon's Ergonomic Garden Secateurs with their auto-rotating handle.

For incredible Japanese precision, Okatsune's 103 Bypass Secateurs are a premium, yet extremely effective option.

And for daily pruning that won't break the bank, these Bypass Garden Pruners by Fiskars are a high-quality, durable buy with legions of fans who swear by them.


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