The 11 Best Towel Warmers for an at-Home Spa Experience

Sometimes, it’s the littlest things that make the biggest difference — like a freshly warmed towel waiting for you after a steamy shower or a relaxing soak in the bath. When you invest in one of the best towel warmers, this self care fantasy becomes a reality and will help you transform your bathroom into a tranquil spa.

Boasting convenient, space-saving designs, the best towel warmers add a touch of luxe to your bathroom with their stainless steel and elegant finishes while granting you the power to heat up your towels, washcloths, bathrobes, hair towels and more to that coveted toasty-warm temperature. Available in a variety of sizes, it’s not uncommon for towel warmers to feature several racks, shelves or compartments so you can heat up multiple towels at the same time. Their innovative construction also allows for a quick and even distribution of heat, ensuring that every inch of your towel is at the optimal temperature.

For enhanced user experience and safety, they’re also equipped with safety features like automatic shut-off functionality, multiple timers, a universal heat temperature setting and an LED pilot light to eliminate the worry of overheating or burning yourself. In addition to toasting up your towels, the best towel warmers double as drying racks when they’re not powered on, helping you free up some space in your laundry room while maximizing your new high-tech gadget. In certain cases, using a towel warming rack has also helped eliminate mildew accumulation in towels after washing them and preventing the pungent smell that comes with it, making it an investment toward the betterment of your towels as well as your bathing routine.

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Below, explore the best towel warmers that suit every budget, bathroom size and design preference.

Sharper Image Towel Warmer

Boasting a compact, two-towel design, the Sharper Image Towel Warmer gets your favorite full-sized towels to the perfect toasty-warm temperature in just 20 minutes safely and efficiently. Reaching 104 degrees Fahrenheit and stocked with a self-automated timer and automatic shut-off feature, this top-rated towel warmer is also great for clothes, blankets, socks, gloves and more.

Sharper Image Towel Warmer$120Buy Now

Amba RWH-CP Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer

Suiting any bathroom aesthetic with its polished metallic finish, the Amba RWH-CP Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer is stocked with 10 crossbars to comfortably house and conveniently heat up your towel collection. Powered by 150 watts and doubling as a drying rack, this dual-function towel warmer comes with a built-in power switch and is built to last thanks to its rust-resistant stainless steel material.

Amba RWH-CP Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer$246Buy Now

HeatGene Towel Warmer

The HeatGene Towel Warmer is an eight-bar, stainless steel hanging towel warming rack that heats everything from towels and washcloths to bathrobes and hair towels in just 15 minutes. Running on 115 watts of power and able to reach 130 degrees Fahrenheit, this durable model offers a compact, space-saving solution to towel drying and warming and is available in three sleek colors and finishes.

HeatGene Towel Warmer$210Buy Now

Zadro Ultra Large Luxury Towel Warmer

Creating a customizable experience with its four timer settings, the Zadro Ultra Large Luxury Towel Warmer allows you to choose between 15, 30, 45 and 60-minute increments to warm your towel to your liking. Boasting safety features such as an LED hot surface caution indicator to alert you when the device is hot and an automatic shut-off function, this top-rated towel warmer can hold up to two extra-large towels and makes the perfect addition to any self care routine.

Zadro Ultra Large Luxury Towel Warmer$140Buy Now

Pursonic TW100 Floor Mounted Towel Warmer with UV Sterilizer

Perfect for salon owners, the Pursonic TW100 Floor Mounted Towel Warmer with UV Sterilizer is a dual-purpose towel warmer that can hold a maximum of 12 facial towels and can reach 158 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit of heat. It’s also equipped with a UV sanitizing function that is able to kill up to 99.9 percent of bacteria and can be turned on separately.

Pursonic TW100 Floor Mounted Towel Warmer with UV Sterilizer$100Buy Now

Amba Solo Freestanding Electric Towel Warmer

Compactly designed to comfortably fit in any sized bathroom, the Amba Solo Freestanding Electric Towel Warmer is available in two finishes and features 10 horizontal bars and two vertical bars that stay consistently heated. Made from stainless steel material, this durable, lightweight and portable standing towel warmer has an integrated power switch and a red pilot light to alert you when it’s on.

Amba Solo Freestanding Electric Towel Warmer$217Buy Now

WarmlyYours 10-Bar Infinity Towel Warmer

Hardwired for 120 volts and featuring 10 brushed, stainless steel bars, the WarmlyYours 10-Bar Infinity Towel Warmer boasts a cord-free, wall-mounted design that suits every bathroom or laundry room. What sets it apart from other towel warmers is its LED programmable timer, which is easy to set and follows a schedule so you’re never without a warmed towel again.

WarmlyYous 10-Bar Infinity Towel Warmer$400Buy Now

Brandon Basics Wall Mounted Electric Towel Warmer

Available in polished, brushed and matte black finishes to adhere to your home design scheme, the Brandon Basics Wall Mounted Electric Towel Warmer‘s stainless steel, 10-bar design allows for an even and consistent heat distribution to ensure that your towels and bathrobe is at the perfect temperature. Harnessing the power of 115 watts for fast warming times, this top-rated towel warmer has a built-in timer, visual LED indicators and helps reduce mildew and unpleasant-smelling towels.

Brandon Basics Wall Mounted Electric Towel Warmer$279Buy Now

Tangkula Towel Warmer

Created with small bathrooms in mind so you can enjoy freshly warmed towels without sacrificing space, the Tangkula Towel Warmer runs on 115 watts of heating power and conveniently warms multiple towels at once courtesy of its 10-bar design. Adding flare with its rounded wall-mounting detailing, this top-rated stainless steel towel warmer rack is also great for hanging wet bathing suits in the summertime and delicates that can’t withstand a spin in the dryer.

Tangkula Towel Warmer$140Buy Now

ZenHouGe Hot Towel Warmer and Steamer

Get the full at-home spa experience with the ZenHouGe Hot Towel Warmer and Steamer, a spa-grade towel warmer that is set on a controlled temperature of 158 degrees Fahrenheit and has a two-shelf design that makes it easy to store your towels. Best suited for smaller-sized towels, this two-in-one device warms and steams your towels to the perfect temperature thanks to its aluminum-lined inner chamber and mess-free removable drip-catching tray.

ZenHouGe Hot Towel Warmer and Steamer$80Buy Now

Amba J-B00 Swivel Wall Mount Electric Hinge Unit

Helping you save space and access your towels easier with its swiveling design, the Amba J-B00 Swivel Wall Mount Electric Hinge Unit is a wall-mounted towel warming rack that heats up to 136 degrees Fahrenheit and operates at 110 volts for optimal functionality. Available in brushed and polished finishes, this energy-saving and plug-in model has an integrated on/off switch and pilot light for easy and safe usage.

Amba J-B00 Swivel Wall Mount Electric Hinge Unit$231Buy Now

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