Super Bowl LV – Buccaneers vs Chiefs LIVE REACTION: Tom Brady DOMINATES Chiefs to win 7th Super Bowl – latest updates

TOM BRADY put on a masterful performance to win a SEVENTH Super Bowl as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers routed Patrick Mahomes' Kansas City Chiefs 31-9.

Brady threw two for old pal Rob Gronkowski before passing to Antonio Brown for a third, while Leonard Fournette wrapped things up for Tampa.

  • RESULT: Chiefs 9 Bucs 31
  • TV/Live stream: CBS/
  • Venue: Raymond James Stadium

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    Brady signs off by saying "we're coming back".


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    "I'm so proud of all these guys out here. Everything we dealt with all year. we are together at the right time, we knew this was going to happen tonight. We ended up playing our best game of the year.

    "I'm not making any comparisons (to any other wins). Every year is amazing and this team is world champions forever, you can't take it away from us."

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    Tom Brady is Super Bowl MVP!

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    Tampa are the first team to win a Super Bowl in their home stadium.

    It's time to celebrate (safely) in Florida.

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    What more is there to say about Tom Brady?

    We can't say more than we do year in, year out.

    10 Super Bowls – 7 wins. The greatest ever.

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    Grace and respect between Mahomes and Brady.

    "Keep in touch" was the message.

    And a tribute from the New England Patriots to their former QB too.


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    THAT'S IT!

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers win Super Bowl LV!

    A seventh Super Bowl win for Tom Brady in 10 appearances.

    A second in franchise history for Tampa Bay.

    This was their night, a dominant performance.

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    White picks off Mahomes in the end zone.

    One last moment of despair for the Chiefs.

    Tampa Bay are two minutes away and the celebrations have started.

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    CHIEFS 9 BUCS 31

    Mahomes completes to Robinson on 4th and 3 – that will take us to the 2-minute warning.

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    CHIEFS 9 BUCS 31

    Brady with a deep ball on 3rd and 5, but he can't hit his man down the field.

    Chiefs have another shot at scoring a TD with 3:30 to go.

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    CHIEFS 9 BUCS 31

    4th down and the Chiefs have no choice but to go for it again – and again they come up short.

    A true fright night for Mahomes. He has been completely battered back there by this Bucs D.

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    There's a break in play as a fan has run onto the field.

    Brady and Mahomes both look far from impressed.

    Five minutes to play and Chiefs driving.

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    CHIEFS 9 BUCS 31

    Are they going for it on 4th down?

    No, the Bucs needed just a yard but take the sensible option and kick it deep, making Mahomes go the length of the field.

    No letting up with 8 minutes to play.

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    CHIEFS 9 BUCS 31

    Mahomes goes for it on 4th and 9 and somehow gets the pass off, while being chased all round his backfield.

    It just escapes Williams in the end zone, and it's a turnover on downs.

    Mahomes sits on the turf looking around. He knows his Super Bowl is slipping away from him.

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    END OF 3

    It's 31-9 headed to the 4th quarter.

    Just 15 minutes separate Brady with a seventh ring, and a second championship in history for the Bucs.

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    CHIEFS 9 BUCS 31

    Succop with the FIELD GOAL from 52 yards and it's good.

    Brady might have broken down on that drive, but more points and the lead extends as we tick towards the end of the third quarter.

    It realllllly is now or never for the Chiefs.


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    Mahomes today – 11/23 for 75 yards and a pick.


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    CHIEFS 9 BUCS 28

    Mahomes SACKED by Barrett, and then he's PICKED by Winfield.

    That could be a dagger. The Chiefs have no answer.

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    A touchdown in all four playoff games for Fournette now.

    And that's 4 TDs in the last 5 drives, with the other drive being a stop at the 1.

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    CHIEFS 9 BUCS 28

    Brady carves his way through the defences again, and then Fournette took it the rest of the way from 27 yards.

    Another touchdown for Tampa Bay, they're really running riot.

    I don't want to write Mahomes off, but it's now 19 points.

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    Fournette is off to the races, and TO. THE. HOUSE.

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    CHIEFS 9 BUCS 21

    Mahomes scrambling on 3rd down, but he can't find Kelce to move the chains.

    That brings out Butker for his third field goal attempt of the night, and this one is a beauty from 52 yards.

    Points. It's what they needed. But could've done with 7.

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    CHIEFS 6 BUCS 21

    Edward-Helaire picks up 26, and then Mahomes finds Kelce.

    Signs the Chiefs might be waking up.

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    Right then… we're ready to go again.

    Chiefs have the ball, but a lot of work to do.

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    The Weeknd is done. His half-time show is over.

    Here's some pics of his performance.

    NINTCHDBPICT000634963124Credit: Getty Images – Getty
    NINTCHDBPICT000634963126Credit: Getty Images – Getty
    NINTCHDBPICT000634963063Credit: Getty Images – Getty
    NINTCHDBPICT000634963002Credit: Getty Images – Getty
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