Study says half of Brits dont shower daily – and 30% wont wash hands after loo

We all have different bathing habits for different reasons – some Brits shower everyday while others leave it a little longer.

And, in recent years celebrities like Jake Gyllenhall and Kristen Bell have admitted to not jumping in the shower each and every day.

To some people this might sound disgusting, but for people with dry skin, dry hair or skin conditions it’s often recommended that they shower every couple of days instead.

And, it seems that only 50% of Brits fall into the daily shower routine – which isn’t too gross.

However, it looks like plenty also don’t wash their hands after they use the loo or flush the toilet….

That’s according to PlumbNation’s latest study which looked into Britain’s bathroom habits and found some disturbing results.

Firstly, only 50% of Brits showered everyday while 27.3% bathed every other day, 9.5% showered more than once a week.

But, 6.7% admitted to washing just once a week and 2% claimed to use wet wipes instead.

Plus, 30% said that they didn’t wash their hands after using the loo, 39% admitted to leaving skid marks in the toilet and only 35% wipes urine off the seat when done.


And, 10% of those asked in the survey said they didn’t flush the toilet at all.

Questionable habits didn’t end with the loo though as 71% of Brits said that they urinated in the shower and a further 58% had sex in the tub.

Try not to think about how those two habits interact…

Finally, there has been lots of controversy recently on Facebook and TikTok about if you stand up to wipe after using the loo. And the results are in!

And whopping 34% of people stand up to wipe after the toilet… interesting.

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