Starlink satellites will pass over the UK tonight – here's when to see them

Over the last few nights we’ve been able to see the Starlink satellites pass across the UK in the early and late evening.

The train of satellites – looking like a ‘string of bright pearls’ in the sky – will appear again this evening. So if you haven’t been able to see them so far, you’ve got another chance.

Starlink 6-7 is set to appear tonight in the west and move across the sky to the south east. The entire passage will take only four minutes and will start at 8.54pm this evening.

You’ll need to look low in the sky as they will appear at a 10 degree elevation from the horizon, moving to a peak of 61 degrees and falling back down to 13 degrees in the south east.

If you’re struggling to follow them, you can use on your mobile phone which provides a live map of the exact position of the satellites. You can add in your location to get timings for each pass over as well as a guide on how bright they’re likely to be.

Each Starlink satellite is about the size of a car and they move in a very distinct line across the night sky.

Eventually, they will use on-board engines to move further away from the planet which will also make them less visible.

So take this opportunity to get outside and have a look this evening to see if you can spot them.

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