Stacey Solomon praised for making £5 DIY Christmas decoration using only 5 items

Stacey Solomon has come up with a DIY Christmas decoration that can help families to beat cost-of-living crisis.

The mum-of-four showed fans a quick way to make festive decor at home without splurging huge on budgets.

Posting on her TikTok, she makes a lit-up gift box using only five items – and it costs just about £5.

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First Stacey grabs 12 sticks of same lengths and glues them together in a box shape.

Next is a fabric of your choice – and the 33-year-old TV star picks a silver glitter tulle and covers it around the box.

Then she wraps a gold ribbon on it and ties a nice bow on top.

But to add a bit of twinkles in the room, she cuts a small hole on the tulle and drops the fairy lights inside.

"Christmas crafting! Cost about £5 to make, I can't wait to make more for around my pampas tree," Stacey said.

She also suggested fans to experiment on other fabrics like organza or thicker tile because "the tulle is very sheer".

The gift box gave fans ideas to glam up their home with Christmas decorations.

One said: "Looks really stunning but my cat would flatten that in seconds."

A second added: "Wow, that's absolutely stunning, this would look beautiful at a wedding too!"

"You are so creative, how do you get time to do all this, with working, having children, etc. I ahve a child and I can't do anything. I rate you," a third wondered.

Stacey said she was only be able to do the handicraft when her baby daughter and her three other children were at school.

"They are rare moments. Don't worry, it's okay not to have the time," she added.

"If you don’t have a glue gun it would cost more than £5. don’t just buy a glue gun for one thing! If you love crafting…"


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