Spotify lifts 10,000 song limit

Spotify has removed the 10,000 song cap that it placed on users’ library size, allowing them to add as much as they want.

The streaming giant has over 50 million songs in its catalogue, but has always placed a limit on what customers could save to their ‘Your Music’ collection.

While users have been clamouring for a lifting of the cap for years, Spotify has always been resistant to it. Probably because you have to be a serious music aficionado to reach it.

Back in 2017, the company said: ‘At the moment we don’t have plans to extend the Your Music limit. The reason is because less than 1% of users reach it.’

However, obviously enough users started to hit the number because it’s now been removed.

Crucially, individual playlists are still limited to 10,000 items so the unlimited number only applies to the option to save songs to your Spotify library.

The Swedish company has also said that it may take some time to roll out to customers so if you’re a Spotify user still seeing the limit in place you may just need to be patient.

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