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FINDING a supplement powder that tastes good, is filled with high-quality ingredients, and actually does what it says, is pretty hard. I know because I’ve tried so many powders and honestly, the market is too saturated.

But now, Spacegoods, a brand that is here to shake things up a little on the wellness scene, has created a set of mushroom powders, one for day and one for night.

Although mushrooms have slowly been becoming more prominent on the well-being market, I feel as though they’re still an emerging trend, with many people not 100% sure exactly what they’re going for or what to look for. Plus, a lot of people hear mushrooms and think of the psychedelic kind. Which is not what these are about. 

Anyway, I gave Spacegoods a try and was pleasantly surprised. 

  • Spacegoods Rainbow Dust, from £39 – buy here

Rating: 4.5/5


  • Tastes great
  • Helped me focus 


  • Expensive

Spacegoods sounds a little intergalactic, and I guess it kind of is with the slogan – ‘The Next Generation Wellness Brand’.

And, with their use of mushrooms, I’d agree that they are ‘next gen’. Mushrooms have taken the wellness scene by storm lately, but we’re not talking about those magic mushrooms that can give you quite crazy side effects. No, instead we’re talking about medicinal mushrooms, which have been shown to have quite an impressive array of health benefits, from boosting energy to calming the mind and helping support immunity. 

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  • Spacegoods Rainbow Dust, from £39 – buy here

The Spacegoods Rainbow Dust, which is made in the UK and also rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality, is not only delicious but so versatile as it can be mixed with anything. Oats, coffee, water…you name it. 

The Spacegoods Rainbow Dust powder is available in two different flavours – Vanilla Cinnamon and Chocolate, however, for this review, I decided to go with Chocolate, because I am a chocolate fiend. 

Spacegoods also does a Dream Dust, to be taken in the evening. It’s a honey and ginger powder, which also contains a powerful, potent mushroom and adaptogenic blend to help you wind down and get a decent night’s sleep.

I didn’t try the Dream Dust; instead, I decided to just give the original Rainbow Dust a try. This seems to be the brand’s most talked about and shared-on-socials product, so I figured I needed to see what the fuss was about. 

What is Spacegoods?

  • Spacegoods Rainbow Dust, from £39 – buy here

I did a little research (pretty much scoured the Spacegoods website) and discovered that the brand was set up by Matthew Kelly, who was tired of stacking supplements to get the results he wanted. So, an all-in-one daily blend was created following five months of research and development. This blend was called Rainbow Dust v1.0. They’ve also since created Dream Dust, which is like a nighttime equivalent of the daytime Rainbow Dust.

The brand is young, fun and colourful; they use emojis across the site and they keep their wording nice and simple. It’s a brand for everyone, with a website that keeps you hooked with fun descriptions and lively pictures. 

Spacegoods say they’re about doing things their way, ‘helping people to reconnect with their most creative self and optimising their mind to do great things’. They also have a pretty impressive long-term plan, stating that they ‘believe that the mainstream acceptance & reintegration of psych*del*cs back into society will be the single most significant change in health and wellness globally over the next decade – we are building a brand that is ahead of its time + ready for that change.'

So I guess it’s a case of ‘watch this space’ with Spacegoods. Meanwhile, their Rainbow Dust powder contains a formula of ingredients (more on that below) which is aimed at boosting focus and energy whilst keeping you calm and relaxed. So less of the coffee vibes which gives you energy but does not help you relax, and more of the modern-day wellness ingredients.

Spacegoods says that their Rainbow Dust is an all-in-one daily blend, containing eight potent ingredients (including caffeine), some of which are good ol’ mushrooms, as I mentioned.  In fact, Spacegoods says that their powder is so potent that each ingredient in their powder is a dosage two to three times higher than competitors. But would I notice a difference when taking this powder? 

First impressions

  • Spacegoods Rainbow Dust, from £39 – buy here

I tried the Rainbow Dust premium starter kit which is £59. It comes with a bag of the powder (a 30-day supply), a tin to store it in, a metal scoop, an electric whisk and an on-the-go cup. The powder alone is £39 if you want to save a few quid.

The Rainbow Dust packet is epic; it’s so colourful with bright pink and purple splashed all over it. Honestly, you just want this purely for the packaging! Upon opening the powder, I noticed how dark it was; like a rich cocoa powder. I mixed a scoop with water originally and it blended well. I also mixed it in my coffee to make it more of a mocha-style drink. This, I would highly recommend as it tasted insanely good. 


So, does Rainbow Dust work? The powder is meant to help you focus, whilst also keeping you calm and giving you energy. It really is quite the claim! 

Spacegoods says that mushrooms are ‘nature's ancient superpower’. The blend of mushrooms in their powder along with the adaptogenic plant ingredients, have been used for thousands of years. 

And, let's be real, Rainbow dust is chock-full of caffeine as well. It's got 80mg in an 8g serving, which is about the same as a 250ml can of Red Bull.

Rainbow Dust has been designed to be taken once per day in the morning, with an 8g serving (three small scoops using the small plastic scoop that comes in the packet) supposedly seeing a person through the day. Or, you could take two 4g servings at different times.

Spacegoods recommends taking no more than two 8g servings per day maximum. I guess it’s a case of finding what works for you, as some people will find the ingredients affect them more than others. 

From my experience of taking Rainbow Dust – the full 8g scoop in the morning – I 100% noticed I had increased energy. I also noticed that I got a lot more done during the morning, when I may have otherwise been quite unproductive. 

So, my energy and focus were on fire, however, I’m not sure if I was calm as such. But maybe that's just me, as I can normally only unwind on holiday.

But, with energy and focus ticked, without some brutal energy crash come late morning, I’d say I was pretty impressed with Rainbow Dust! 

How does Rainbow Dust taste?

  • Spacegoods Rainbow Dust, from £39 – buy here

So good. 

Imagine a rich, dark hot chocolate (or cold) drink. This is exactly what Rainbow Dust is. Plus, it’s just 29 calories per serving, so you can forget those calorie-packed hot chocolates and go for something that is doing your health some favours instead. 

What's in Spacegoods?

There are eight primary ingredients in Rainbow Dust, one of these being a fairly big helping of caffeine (80mg per 8g serving, roughly the same as an espresso).

Spacegoods reassures that all of their ingredients are 100% safe. According to their site, they work with nutritional experts and testing labs to develop highly potent, effective formulas.

These are apparently much stronger than most of what is available on the market elsewhere.

Within their delicious-tasting powder is lion's mane mushroom, which they describe as the 'brain mushroom', known to stimulate nerve growth and improve memory, focus and clarity.

Then there’s good old Ashwagandha, an ancient medicinal herb, scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Next up is cordyceps mushroom known as the 'energy mushroom' which boosts blood flow, stamina and energy. Maca root is a plant ingredient proven to boost energy, stamina, mood and libido whilst chaga mushroom is known to help with immunity. 

There’s also rhodiola rosea in the mix, an adaptogenic herb known to reduce stress and improve focus, plus coffee extract and vitamin B5, for optimal brain performance.

Where can you buy Spacegoods?

  • Spacegoods Rainbow Dust, from £39 – buy here

Spacegoods’ powders can be purchased from their website either as a one-time purchase or a subscription can be set up. 

You can also find Sapcegoods on Amazon, in Holland & Barrett and on, a funky new site I discovered filled with amazing health foods. 

What are some Spacegoods alternatives?

There are other mushroom powders on the market. However, as I’ve mentioned, Spacegoods is quite adamant that theirs is the best quality with the highest potency of ingredients.

Keen to try others? Rheal Superfoods does a Shroom Coffee, said to give energy without the jitters.

Dirtea is a huge mushroom-based brand, making big waves on the wellness scene right now. 

They do a range of mushroom powders, each aimed at supporting a different area of health, such as their Reishi Mushroom Powder, to help with calm, sleep and immune health. It is quite expensive though and their pots are small, but I have tried these and I am a fan.

You can also get mushrooms in capsule form; such as these Mushroom Complex Capsules from Bulk

However, I love taking something that I can taste and enjoy, like the Spacegoods Rainbow Dust, although this is just personal preference! 

The verdict: is Spacegoods worth it?

  • Spacegoods Rainbow Dust, from £39 – buy here

I’d say yes, Spacegoods Rainbow Dust is worth it if you’re after something that will give you calmer energy and help you focus. I need focus throughout the day as I always have a huge list of things to get done and I am the world’s biggest procrastinator, getting distracted by the smallest things. 

This powder helped me regain focus, at least for the morning, so I knew I could plough through my to-do list.

Yes it’s not cheap and a packet only lasts a month, but I guess it depends how much you think you’ll need it. You could just take it on the days when you’re feeling distracted. 

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I like the fact that the brand really focuses on quality ingredients and it’s a supplement with a difference, offering natural health boosts.

The Spacegoods Rainbow Dust gets a big thumbs up from me.

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