Sony Plans to Match Struggling Gamers With “Expert” Coaches

Any gamer knows the frustration of reaching a challenge that they don’t have the skill to overcome, or a boss that they can’t seem to take down. Thankfully, a proposed new launch by Sony aims to counter just that problem.

According to a new patent filed by the company last week, they have plans to launch a system that will allow users to receive in-game help from more experienced players.

The notes from the patent describe “connecting a player to expert help in real-time during game play of a gaming application.”The patent also suggests an interface based on the functionality of apps like Uber, allowing players to ‘hail’ an expert for assistance.

The patent doesn’t currently allow for “experts” to appear as avatars within the games themselves, focussing instead on text, voice, or video guidance, and enabling players to send snapshots of their gameplay to the expert. It’s unclear at this stage whether the expert would be compensated for their assistance, either by Sony or by the player directly.

As of yet, launch details and specifics for the programme have not been confirmed by Sony.

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