Solar Eclipse 2021: How to make solar eclipse glasses at home

NASA shows the path of the 2021 annular solar eclipse

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An annular, or ring of fire, eclipse rise in the skies on June 10. North America will be the main beneficiaries of the eclipse, with astronomers stating there will be an annular eclipse over the US and Canada.

While the US and Canada will see the Ring of Fire eclipse at its peak, other parts of the world will see it in all its glory.

Greenland, the North Pole and parts of western Russia will get to see the total ring of fire eclipse.

However, those of us in the UK will only see a partial blocking of the Sun, with the Moon covering just a quarter of it.

Even with the Moon obscuring the view, the Sun remains dangerous to look at.

NASA said: “At the peak of this eclipse, the middle of the Sun will appear to be missing and the dark Moon will appear to be surrounded by the bright Sun.

“Remember to never look directly at the Sun even during an eclipse. An annular eclipse occurs instead of a total eclipse when the Moon is on the far part of its elliptical orbit around the Earth.”

But you can get special glasses that allow you to look at the Sun during the eclipse to ensure your safety – and sunglasses will not suffice.

How to make solar eclipse glasses at home

Making solar eclipse glasses at home is relatively easy and can be done with objects found around the house.

All you need to bring are an empty cereal box, a pencil or pen, scissors, tin foil, tape, white paper and a nail or a needle.

To begin with, place the empty cereal box upright on top of the A4 piece of white paper.

Trace the base of the cereal box with a pen or pencil.

Cut out the shape of the cereal box with the paper.

You then tape the cut out to the inside of the cereal box at the bottom.

Close the top of the box and cut a hole on either side of the top, which will act as your eye holes.

Place tin foil over one of the holes and tape it down, with a pinhole pierced through the tinfoil.

They are now good to go in preparation for the eclipse.

To view it, stand with your back towards the Sun.

Look through the hole not covered with the tinfoil and you will see the various stages of the eclipse projected onto the white paper at the bottom.

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