School Bus Mystery Solved: Driver Reveals The Reason For This Common Feature

Nearly every yellow school bus has a series of black stripes along the length ― but they’re not just there for the look. 

Turns out they have a purpose. 

School bus driver and YouTuber ClawBoss, who often answers questions about the vehicles on his YouTube channel, said those markings can help first responders in an emergency. 

“They all have these black rails,” he says in the video. “They actually tell you something.” 

One line marks the floor of the bus. Another marks the bottom of the seats. And the top line shows the top of the seats. 

“Not only do these add structure to the side of the bus so if the bus gets hit it’s stronger, but in the event of an accident they actually give firefighters an idea of where to cut,” he explains: 

ClawBoss also recently explained a couple of other common school bus features ― including the black hoods and grille covers seen on some otherwise mostly yellow school buses. 

The black hoods, he said in one video, reduce glare… while the grille covers keep the diesel engine warm in winter in areas with more extreme temperatures.

Check out more of his videos on his channel.  

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