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GARETH BALE, Novak Djokovic and Carlos Sainz are playing in the Ryder Cup Celebrity All-Star Match TODAY!

The big tournament between Europe and US is taking place in Rome this week, but first up is stars of other sports taking to the green to strut their stuff.

And some top names are on show at the Marco Simone course with Wales footballing legend Bale and tennis Grand Slam record holder Djokovic.

  • Start time: 11.30am BST
  • TV channel: Sky Sports Golf
  • Watch live stream FREE: Sky Sports Golf YouTube

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  • By Alex Smith

    Team Monty 1-1 Team Pavin

    Montgomerie and Bale vs Pavin and Shevchenko ends in a draw after hole 1.

    Of course, the golf legends looking like they have not been away from the game at all with the football legends yet to find their feet at Marco Simone.

  • By Alex Smith

    Team Monty 1-1 Team Pavin

    An immediate "oh no" from Djokovic after his second shot on hole 14.

    He overcooks it and it goes into the right bunker.

    The brutal rough then impacts Sainz as he attempts to get out with his second strike, his shot lands a little short.

  • By Alex Smith

    Team Monty 1-1 Team Pavin

    Tough start for Bale after finding himself in the rough after his tee shot.

    The ex-Real Madrid hero does well to get out the thick grass but his ball catches the bunker and drops in just short of the green.

  • By Alex Smith

    Team Monty 1-1 Team Pavin

    Montgomerie and Pavin roll back the years with fine shots with them both set finish hole 1 on par 3.

  • By Alex Smith

    Team Monty 1-1 Team Pavin

    It's a draw between Djokovic and Popert vs Sainz and Perrino on hole 13.

    No points or half points are scored and we remain at 1-1.

  • By Alex Smith

    Team Monty 1-1 Team Pavin

    Oh dear – it's a poor start from Shevchenko and his first shot off the tee on hole 1 lands near to hole 7 instead.

    Bale's effort was better but also landed in the rough.

  • By Alex Smith

    Team Monty 1-1 Team Pavin

    Fantastic putt and Team Pavin level via a NFL star Cruz.

  • By Alex Smith

    Team Monty 1-0 Team Pavin

    Unlucky! Hilbert's second shot at hole 1 nearly sees him chip it in from right down the fairway but it unlucky bounces over the hole.

  • By Alex Smith

    Team Monty 1-0 Team Pavin

    Match one featuring Sainz and Djokovic take on hole 2, which is actually hole 13, par 3.

    The Spaniard's shot off the tee is met with a round of applause as it lands on the green.

  • By Alex Smith

    Team Monty wins first hole

    Meanwhile, Djokovic has two putts to win the hole. His first attempt is just inches short but he is given it.

    1-0 Montgomerie

  • By Alex Smith

    Match 2 begins

    Back to hole 1 for the second match – Hilbert and Fioravanti vs Newton and Cruz

    No messing from Hilbert as the trick-shot star drives one straight down the green and Fioravanti is equally as good.

    In what looks set to be a strong celeb match, Newton whips up the crowd and the Hollywood actress sees her shot land perfectly centre of the fairway.

  • By Alex Smith

    Hole 1 – Shot 2

    Sainz is surrounded by spectators in the rough but he digs out a fantastic shot and it rolls to the green. Nerves settled.

    Djokovic up next makes similar progress to his own surprise!

    No issues for Perrino and Popert, with the latter getting out of the bunker well.

  • By Alex Smith

    Novak's swing

    Djokovic's finish is described as "unique" when watching replays.

    His right hand was strong and saved the shot with his left hand mainly just supporting.

  • By Alex Smith

    Sainz's tough start

    He admitted to not playing much golf recently and his first drive goes off the fairway and bounces into the rough.

  • By Alex Smith


    Match 1: Popert and Djokovic vs Sainz and Perrino

    And it's the tennis legend to get the action underway on this par 4.

    He gets his driver out and smashes down the course – a decent shot from Novak.

  • By Alex Smith

    Ready for play

    "Once in a lifetime, golden opportunity, unique experience" are the words Djokovic is using to describe his chance to play at the Ryder Cup.

    Meanwhile, Sainz is concerned his balls may go all over everywhere.

  • By Alex Smith

    Players heading out

    The sports stars and celebs are just putting the finishing touches to their warm-ups and heading down to the tee.

    Bale has a handicap of two.

    But Shevchenko is meant to be a serious golfer and is playing off scratch like Montgomerie and Pavin.

  • By Alex Smith

    Holes being played

    The celebs begin on hole 1 today and will then skip ahead to 13 and play through to the final hole 18 – that is seven holes.

    There will be three matches:

    • Djokovic and Popert vs Sainz and Perrino
    • Hilbert and Fioravanti vs Newton and Cruz
    • Mongomerie and Bale vs Pavin and Shevchenko

    "Nervous and excited"

    Bale has a passion for the sport but he said: "I'm not that good at golf to be honest.

    "But I'm looking forward to playing and being in the atmosphere.

    "My partner is a Ryder Cup hero and he will have to carry the team. I'll just back him up and play safe if he hits a bad shot."

    Bale's back injury

    Montgomerie has revealed that Bale has been complaining of a back injury but the golfing hero is suspicious he might be getting his excuses in earlier.

    The Scot also joked he didn't know too much about all the players involved besides Bale and Djokovic.

    But Monty said he is lapping up being in plenty of Instagram posts.

    Wales, Golf, Madrid

    Gareth Bale is known for his love of golf and he now has the chance to show off his skills at the Ryder Cup.

    Just 23 days after retiring from football he featured in the Pebble Beach pro-am.

    On his first hole he recovered from the bunker to par.

    • By Alex Smith

      Let's Pav it

      Pavin is equally confident his side will get the win, saying: “Colin and I have had some memorable Ryder Cup battles in the past, most notably in 2010 as competing captains, so I’m looking forward to going toe-to-toe with him again.

      "It will be a fun match, but there is always a real desire to win and I’m expecting my team’s fierce competitive instincts to help us to victory.

      "Andriy, Kathryn, Carlos and Victor all have strong golf swings, and fellow professional Tommaso is doing great things on the G4D Tour.

      "I’m confident we can get the win and provide a fantastic show for the crowds at the same time.”

    • By Alex Smith

      Monty ready to go

      Montgomerie is confident his team has what it takes to win this celeb encounter, saying: "I can’t wait to tee it up in Rome and experience some of that Ryder Cup magic once again.

      "This time joined by a team of celebrities who will bring a range of skills to the team, alongside their passion for golf.

      "We have athletes proven at the highest level in Novak, Gareth, Leonardo and Kipp, and Garrett from Dude Perfect is a strong golfer who’ll be bringing some comedic light relief in the heat of battle.”

    • By Alex Smith

      Djokovic to serve up magic

      Ahead of his chance to show off his golf skills, Djokovic said: “I can’t wait to tee it up in Rome and experience the incredible atmosphere of a Ryder Cup, which has become legendary.

      "The course looks like a fantastic test of golf and my playing partner Kipp, a seasoned pro, has won a lot on the G4D Tour recently so I’m confident we can get a point for the team.

      "It’s going to be a great spectacle for the fans.”

    • By Alex Smith

      The course

      This year's venue is the Marco Simone Golf and Country Club.

      The course in Rome has a stunning mix of long and short holes with the thick rough, blind shots, huge bunkers to navigate.

      A picturesque castle overlooks the fairways and even some swamp rats might be spotted roaming the grounds.

      WILD RYD

      Where Ryder Cup 2023 will be won & lost… hole-by-hole full course guide

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