Regent St shop plus-size mannequin sparks a furious debate

‘This is not inclusive, it’s dangerous’: Sportswear brand sparks furious debate after using size 16 mannequin to model workout clothing – as critics claim it’s ‘what obesity looks like’ while others praise it

  • GB News commentator Isabel Oakeshott sparked a fierce debate on Twitter
  • Was shocked to see a plus-size mannequin in window of Regent Street’s shop
  • But people said it is good thing that brands are more inclusive of curvy bodies

A celeb-owned brand has sparked furious debate after using a size 16 mannequin dressed to model workout clothing.

GB News presenter Isabel Oakeshott, 47, shared a pictured of the window display in the Regent’s Street branch of Fabletics – the fitness brand founded by actress Kate Hudson. 

The journalist said the mannequin was ‘flabby’ and promoting obesity while others said it was a positive step toward representation. 

‘This, in a Regent St fitness store, is what obesity looks like. Flabby curves highlighted in hideous lime green velour. The so-called “body positivity” movement is not “inclusive”, it’s dangerous.,’ she wrote.  

The outfit was displayed in central London on a plus-size mannequin. Fabletics wanted to showcase its inclusive collection, pictured 

Isabel said the body positive movement is ‘dangerous’ after spotting the outfit, which she said was ‘flabby’

The Fabletics outfit consists of a lime velvet bomber jacket, a sports bra and matching leggings, also in velvet. 

Isabel’s tweet racked up thousands of responses with some arguing that it was hideous – while others called it a great step. 

‘I agree lime green ins hideous – but as someone who’s always struggled with my size, it is nice to think there are decent exercise clothes out there for larger people. 

‘Most leisure wear is made for people who are already skinny, which is miserable when you’re not,’ one person wrote. 

‘Bit weird to look at this mannequin and think “that.” My thought was “oh, that’s a cute workout outfit!” Let people live their lives,’ another wrote.

Another person shared a snap of the mannequins with ribs sticking out – and asked if those where ‘dangerous’ because they advertised unhealthy beauty standards. 

A lime green workout outfit from Fabletics, pictured, sparked a debate online after GB News commentator Isabel Oakeshott called it ‘hideous’ after spotting it in the window display of the Fabletics’s Regent Street shop. A woman named Sophia tasked herself with proving Oakeshottt wrong and bought the whole outfit

Designer Sophia Tassew even shared a snap in the outfit and was met with a tidal wave of praise.   

‘I bought the dangerous outfit,’ she chimed in her tweet, as she shared a winking selfie. 

‘Knowing what colours suit you is a big aspect of fashion. I’m not too far off the mannequin and would never be able to rock lime green, but agreed, Sophia is OWNING it,’ one said. 

People disagreed with Isabel and said it was a good thing that shops like Fabletics were catering to bigger sizes

People said Sophia looked amazing in the outfit, and some said she even made the lime green colour look good on her 

‘You look amazing in it,’ one said.

‘And you manage to look absolutely stunning in what I thought was a hideous colour on the mannequin. I’m seriously impressed, your awesomeness field must make everything you touch better,’ one said.

‘And you’re killing it queen, a dream in green,’ another wrote.

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