Princess Charlotte Was Overheard Singing This Song to Herself & It Made a Royal Family Member ‘Very Happy'

Even though Princess Charlotte might be the queen of sass (in the most endearing way possible!) and has the best royal side-eye we’ve seen since Princess Diana, she has so many incredibly sweet moments. Most recently, the 8-year-old royal was overheard singing [supposedly to] herself a special song. It must have been such an adorable and intimate moment.

Yesterday, Kate Middleton visited the Vsi Razom Community Hub to learn about how the organization supports Ukrainian refugees and spoke to an 8-year-old refugee named Liza. In true Kate Middleton fashion, she bent down to eye level with the little girl and had an incredibly candid conversation.

“I heard my daughter singing this morning and it’s a song called ‘Shine Jesus Shine’ and that made me very happy this morning,” the Princess of Wales said (see the video HERE).

Seeing Liza’s excited reaction, Kate replied, “Do you know that song? Does it have the same tune? I heard that this morning and it made me very happy this morning.”

Princess Charlotte seems to have a musical disposition, once again taking after her grandma, Princess Di. Kate revealed last week that her daughter is a dance fan. “My daughter Charlotte likes dancing,” she said. “She loves ballet and tap.”

She’s apparently pretty sporty too! Playing both rugby and soccer.

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“Charlotte’s playing both the sports now, and it’s really good to see youngsters, particularly girls, playing these types of sports now,” Kate said in an interview with The Good, The Bad, and The Rugby podcast, since they weren’t as readily accessible for her when she was growing up.

It’s all very Troy Bolton of Princess Charlotte, and we can’t wait to see what hobbies she picks up next. We’re certain it will all continue to make her mom “very happy.”

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