Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Alleged Tell-All Book Violates the Most Important Royal Family Rule — 'Never Complain, Never Explain'

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex have beenmarching to the beat of their own drummer since the beginning. It all startedwith their highly unusualwedding celebration and continued right up until the moment they bid their rolesas senior royals goodbye. Recent rumors of a tell-all book in the worksshould come as a shock to no one.

The potential book is being compared to Princess Diana’s bombshellcollaboration with Andrew Morton, Diana: Her True Story. But there isone major difference between Diana’s decision and that of Harry and Meghan.

While Diana had leftthe royal family for good and cared nothing for their stodgy traditionsanymore, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are trying not to sever ties completely.Yet in the meantime, they’re breaking the cardinal rule of being royal.

Queen Elizabeth takes the motto ‘never complain, never explain’to heart

The origins of “nevercomplain, never explain” extend back to the 1800s and have been used by HerMajesty for her entire tenure as queen. It’s frankly impressive how personableand well-liked Queen Elizabeth is, yet no one knows precisely how she feelsabout most divisive political issues.

The queen hosts foreign presidents and dignitaries from bothsides of the political spectrum and treats them all equally. She very rarelycomments on public scandals and she doesn’t defend herself against critics. Inshort, she takes the road of silence over getting defensive time and time again.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have much in common with PrincessDiana

Meanwhile, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been doing an awful lot of complaining, like when they publicly voiced their disgust with unfair treatment by the press during their royal tour in South Africa. They took the matter further when they filed suits to sue the worst offenders.

That is not how Queen Elizabeth deals with negativeattention though. “There has been a long tradition in the British royal familyof riding criticism out and keeping your head down and taking the long view,”royal biographer Penny Junor toldPeople. “Crises come and go, and people get criticized — often for fiveminutes by the media, who then move on.”

One royal who didn’t follow this unwritten rule? PrinceHarry’s mother, Diana.

A tell-all book could be the end of Prince Harry’s good relationship with his family

Harry and Meghan came to an agreement with the queen that they’d reevaluate their new positions one year after their departure from senior royal roles. But if they really do publish a tell-all book in 2020, that relationship could be damaged beyond repair.

The queen was allegedly furious with Diana after her bookwas released. No matter what Harry and Meghan’s book says, even if it takes aneutral stance, it will still be a one-sided account of what happened andwill almost definitely portray the royal family in a negative light.

A book is taking the opposite approach of the royal protocolto “never complain, never explain” and once Prince Harry and Meghan allow theirwords to be published, there’s no going back.

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