Premier League Officially Announces the Return of Fans to Stadiums for End of Season Games

As the U.K. COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease as a result of the nation’s tentative pilot schemes, the Premier League is amongst one of the first major sports organizations to officially confirm that home fans will now officially be allowed to attend matches at stadiums for the final two rounds of the 2021/2022 season.

With the new announcement and regulations in place, each top-flight team is now able to host one match with a maximum of 10,000 fans in attendance. The 37th round of matches is now set for May 18 and May 19, ahead of the final 10 matches of the season, beginning on May 23.

The English Premier League issued an official statement, “Supporters are expected to be able to return to stadiums from 17 May in a reduced capacity, pending the final government decision on planned Step 3 conditions, which will be announced no later than 10 May. Following consultation with clubs, it was agreed matches would not be open to away supporters due to varying operational challenges across the League and the need to deliver a consistent approach, while maximizing the opportunity for home-fan attendance.”

Since clubs have proven a strong track record for following COVID-safety guidelines, the leagues has been able to work towards welcoming back fans in a safe environment for the remainder of the season. For many reasons, the season has been remarkable, and not just because of the short-lived European Super League drama. Matches have so far been held under strict medical supervision with no home crowds, creating an eerie atmosphere unlike any other before.

The abundant roars and rumbles are set to make a comeback to the Premier League this May.

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