Pornhub tab spotted open on Norwich ace Timm Klose’s MacBook whilst he watches Netflix during Instagram story – The Sun

NORWICH defender Timm Klose shared an Instagram story – with a Pornhub tab open on his browser!

The Canaries ace posted a story of himself watching Netflix but eagle-eyed fans spotted that he also had an X-rated tab up on his MacBook.

With the Premier League suspended until April 30 due to the coronavirus crisis, most footballers have been left to find ways to fill the void of life without the Beautiful Game.

Klose took to Instagram to share with fans the latest Netflix show he's been binge-watching during lockdown and some viewers spotted that wasn't the only thing keeping the centre-back entertained.

The 31-year-old also had a tab open – without realising – to steamy adult site Pornhub and fans were quick to make light of the schoolboy error.

Ian Hastings wrote: "Well we all know what Timm Klose has been doing to pass the time."

Canary Cast added: "Looks like Timm Klose is enjoying lockdown."

@DoodyBCFC joked: "Timm Klose keeping himself busy with no football."

The Swiss defender has played an integral role since Norwich's return to the Premier League  – featuring in 36 games in all competitions to date.

They currently lie six points adrift at the bottom of the table although it is still up in the air if and when the season can resume due to the UK’s worst national health crisis in a generation.

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