Playboy model and web developer says she misses out on work for being ‘too hot’

A model has said that she fears she misses out on job opportunities because she is too beautiful.

Christine Mae, 29, splits her life between two careers – selling sexy snaps to Playboy and being a web developer.

The young woman claims she is seen as “too hot” for her tech job.

Christine also says she’s been excluded from Playboy model groups for being “too smart”.

The young woman said: “I am currently still a full-time web developer and do part-time modelling.

“Playboy has always been flexible with my schedule.”

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Despite feeling excluded from the glamour modelling network, Christine refuses to abandon her work in technology to fit in.

She commented: “I am following my passion as a model.

“I’m still going to code and build websites, but I want to start my own company too.

She added: "It is not a crime to be beautiful and intelligent."

Despite feeling like she may lose out on work because she is both gorgeous and intelligent, Christine advises wannabe models to “never give up” on their dreams.

She wants to offer advice to models who have additional careers and encourage them to keep pursuing their goals.

Christine said: “My advice is to never give up.

“Coding can be frustrating and challenging, but it is a lot of fun."

She continued: “Coding teaches you how to think outside the box and different ways to solve problems.

"Technology is always thriving and learning how to code can benefit you in many ways."

Christine isn't the only model who struggles because of her beauty.

Earlier this week, model Luna Benna explained that she'd been banned from Tinder for being "too hot".

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