People show the weird food items they've come across

Franken-foods! Social media users share snaps of bizarre fruit, veggies and snacks they’ve spotted – from a giant lettuce leaf to a carrot shaped like a swollen hand

  • People from all over the map have shared amazing pieces of food encountered 
  • All the pictures were collated in a fascinating gallery for Bored Panda  
  • In Italy, a grandmother proudly showed her enormous homegrown tomatoes
  • In the US, a man shared picture of a nugget of Hot Cheetos Powder found in bag

People from all over the world have shared pictures of the strangest pieces of food they have come across. 

Posted to Bored Panda, people from all over posted the oversized vegetables and faulty sweets they had found by chance.

In one instance, a spice-lover in the US got more than he bargained for when his pack of crisps contained a  huge nugget of Hot Cheetos chili powder. 

Elsewhere, a seafood lover was delighted to find a pearl in his dinner, while a sweet-toothed patron was delighted when he found an unusual figure among his Haribo bears.

And in Benin, West Africa, one man found a banana contained four instead of one, while an Italian grandmother urged her grandson to share a picture of her enormous homegrown tomatoes. 

People from all over the world have shared pictures of the strangest pieces of food they have come across. A couple from from New Jersey found this rather huge lettuce – enough for multiple burgers

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It’s bananas! In Benin, West Africa, a  lucky man enjoyed four delicious-looking mini bananas for the price of one for his breakfast 

Gummy bear rainbow! A man from the US was surprised to find that most of his gummy bears were stuck to each other – and he also mainly had green and  yellow ones

A ready-made salad! This mutant carrot bunch was dug up by a Chicago mum, who used a beer can to show how big it really was 

More than one of her five-a-day! A US-based woman was thrilled when she opened an avocado and found the seed was missing – getting more for her money

Edward Carrothands? A family were gobsmacked by the hand-shaped carrot they found while trying to make juice – enough for the whole family to have a shake

He likes it extra hot! In the US, a Cheetos enthusiast found a nugget of Hot Cheetos chili powder in his crisps pack, and did not complain 

When life gives you lemons! In Crete, a woman came across a very large lemon, five times the size of a normal lemon (for scale) – and enough to make a lot of juice

Just like magic! A man from Nashville, Tennessee, felt like he had won the golden ticket when he found a wizard-shaped sweet in a bag of Haribo 

When in Rome! Meanwhile, a proud Italian grandmother insisted that her grandson capture how big her homegrown tomatoes had grown

A real-life treasure! Elsewhere, a US-based restaurant patron was delighted to find a small pearl in his meal while eating seafood     

Say cheese! A Philadelphia man was amazed by how perfectly his cheese had melted over his burger’s beef patty – and captured the special moment

Clementinception! A woman from the UK found a tiny and complete clementine inside her clementine – looking like a mother and baby fruit

Is it Halloween yet? A man from Ohio was delighted by this overgrown green grape that looked just like a tiny pumpkin 

A millennial dream! And in Venezuela, a grandmother found an enormous avocado in her garden, and discovered it weighed a staggering 2 kilos

Keeping the vampires away! An amazed foodie from Connecticut shared a picture of the giant garlic clove she had come across

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