People share the things they did in relationships that they regretted

‘I wish I hadn’t left my ex for my boyfriend’: People share their biggest relationship regrets – from moving across the country only to be dumped to POISONING a love rival

  • People have shared love affairs they regret on anonymous US platform Whisper 
  • One woman said they regretted poisoning a rival which left her very sick
  • Another said shouldn’t have bought house with partner before falling out of love 

People have revealed the things they did for love which turned out to be terrible decisions.

Sharing their secret regrets on the anonymous app Whisper, citizens from around the world discuss living with an alcoholic, leaving their exes and quitting their dream jobs for their partner. 

One said they lent thousands of pounds to their former girlfriend, before she took off and never paid them back. 

Another said they moved across the country to be with their other half, only to be dumped, and one person candidly admitted she regretted becoming a married man’s mistress and said she was ‘falling apart’ because of it. 

Here, FEMAIL shares a selection of the most astounding posts… 

One person explained how they dated a man who had alcohol dependency issues for seven years and lots friends because of it 

A man revealed he moved to Oregon, but regretted it when his partner cheated on him with another man online 

A man explained how he gave $8,000 to his former girlfriend, who left him and never paid him back 

People shared things they regretted doing out of love on Whisper. One person admitted they poisoned a girl in a jealous rage who ended up getting sick

One woman revealed she had left her partner for another and had second thoughts about her decision 

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One person said they regretted dating a girl online for two years before she stopped all communication with them

A former girlfriend revealed she chose her drug addicted boyfriend over her family. Thankfully her family forgave her after the break-up 

A jilted lover said they moved far from their family to be with their partner, only to be stuck far from home for two years after they had broken up 

A mistress said she regretted becoming the ‘other woman’ and said it was causing her to ‘fall apart’

One person admitted they regretted standing by their former partner, who was committing crimes

One person regretted giving up on their dream for a partner and said they didn’t realise how selfish he was being 

A woman revealed she passed on the opportunity to live in New York City for a man who ended up cheating on her four months later 

One person recounted how they moved across the country to be with their boyfriend, who kicked them out because of their long working hours

One person admitted they regretted buying a house with their boyfriend because they were falling out of love with him 

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