People reveal the fashion items they're glad didn't become trends

Now that’s a fashion victim! The VERY dubious clothing and accessories that thankfully never caught on including a bridal dress made of HAIR and denim sliders

  • People from around the world contributed fashion designs to a gallery on Diply
  • One snap shows a woman wearing trousers with mysterious brown stains
  • Another image shows a woman wearing an unflattering pink jumpsuit  

For the past few months many of us haven’t thought about keeping up with fashion trends, however these photos are a reminder that no matter how bad things get, there are still some items you should never be seen wearing. 

From trousers with patches that could be mistaken for dirt to a wedding dress made entirely from hair, people from around the world have contributed bizarre fashion fails to a gallery on Diply.

Among the amusing images is a woman wearing a very unflattering pink jumpsuit that gives the illusion of being extremely long trousers. 

Elsewhere, two women pose in scary denim face masks with red mouths and bared teeth on the front. 

People from around the world contributed the worst fashion fails they’ve seen to a gallery on Diply – including a woman with mysterious brown stains on her white jeans 

Made by Rapunzel! One person shared a photograph of a bridal dress made entirely from strands of long blonde hair 

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Another individual shared a photograph of two women posing in denim face masks with a cartoon mouth drawn on the front

A woman who tried on a dress with material to match her skin colour, was left unimpressed by the obvious zip in the centre 

Possibly the worst smelling flowers? A woman was photographed wearing a poorly positioned sunflower outfit 

One person contributed a snap of denim sandals that definitely won’t be waterproof when worn at the beach

Bum note: Another individual was amused by a trouser design that gives the illusion of an exposed bottom and legs

Who’s wearing the trousers! A woman was snapped posing in a very unflattering pink jumpsuit

One person contributed a photograph of a nightie in a lingerie shop with ‘snow way’ written upside down 

Word search! Another individual mocked a shop for selling t-shirts with the message: ‘Non fiction is the perfect antidote to modern dilemmas’

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