Parents love this free Playmobil video to explain coronavirus to kids

In these difficult times, it can be hard enough for adults to understand what is going on, never mind kids.

But parents love this video, created by Playmobil to explain to kids why we have to stay inside, wash our hands more and why they can’t go to school.

The five-minute-long short film uses the toys to guide them through the situation in a factual but not frightening way.

The Playmobil robot explains what the virus is, why people are worried about it and what we are doing to stop it.

The description says: ‘The whole world is talking about the corona virus. Daycares and schools have closed, and children are asking a lot of questions.

‘This movie uses PLAYMOBIL to help explain in a way that children can understand what is happening right now, what we can all do to ease the situation, and why it so important to avoid contact with other children and adults.’

With kids sensing that their parents or family are worried about the current situation, parents said that using a video like this helps to ease anxiety.

One parent said: ‘Thank you Playmobil, this really helped my child understand about the coronavirus and why we are social distancing when we need to go out and why we are staying at home.’

Another added: ‘Such a great video!’

The toy company said they’re in the process of translating it into different languages so parents around the world can show their children.

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