Overzealous British library cleaner rearranges books by size

A British cleaner made a big mess of a library in the United Kingdom when he went above and beyond his call of duty and reorganized its books — by size.

Newmarket Library employees returned the following day to discover the shelves lined with books arranged from largest to smallest — and their alphabetical organizing system upended.

“It looks like libraries will be closed for a while so we’ll have plenty of time to sort the books out,” Suffolk Libraries spokesman James Powell told the BBC, noting workers found humor in the mishap.

“The cleaner is lovely and does a great job in the library. It was an honest mistake and just one of those things so we would never want her to feel bad about it,” Powell said.

The gaffe gave cooped up Brits something to laugh about last week.

“You think you’re having a bad week? My poor colleague has just been in to do her weekly check of the library building. The cleaner has started deep cleaning the space (so far, so good) and has cleaned the shelves but has put 18.5 bays of books back on IN SIZE ORDER,” Krystal Vittles wrote in a Tweet liked more than 34,000 times since Thursday.

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