Only people with 20/20 vision can find animal within 15 secs in optical illusion

Fancy your luck at an optical illusion today?

Brainteasers aren't always easy to solve, although some are easier than others. But when you solve a puzzle, it could mean good things about your intelligence.

Certain illusions could even test your eyesight and help you identify your IQ score, although a proper test is advised. So have you got what it takes?

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Central Tuscan Companies, an Arizona "one-stop shop for home rentals, parking and financial services, are the creators behind the puzzle.

On Instagram, the company posted an image of cactus plants as each of them has a surprising thing in common. There's a cat hiding somewhere…

Still struggling? Scroll down below for the answer…

In the picture, it shows over two dozen cacti, all glowing in the sun outside. In the caption, they wrote: "Legend has it there is a cat hidden among these cacti. Let us know if you spot it."

You'll have to search the image properly to be able to find the hidden kitten, but it's not easy at first glance. The cat has been edited into the image as a puzzle.

People on social media were left baffled as one wrote: "I don't believe there's one in there." While another added: "Wow that took me a while."

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Fortunately we've got other optical illusions to leave you confused. Previously, only people with a "high IQ" can spot all the snowmen in this tricky optical illusion.

On another occasion, only people with "eagle eyes" can spot the three spooky faces in an optical illusion. In the image, you could see two children picking fruits in an orchard.

And finally, this tricky optical illusion has three dogs – but only people with "sharp eyes" can spot all of them. It was first posted on Reddit.

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