Ohio news station reminds viewers what day it is during coronavirus lockdown

A local Ohio news station is trying to make the best of the statewide coronavirus lockdown by humorously reminding its viewers what day of the week it is.

The new segment on Cleveland’s Fox 8 News — titled “What Day Is It?” — begins with a catchy, 12-second jingle showing question marks darting around the screen.

After a brief moment of suspense, anchor Todd Meany appears onscreen alongside a graphic revealing the day of the week.

“Wednesday,” he reports with a deadpan delivery, ending the comical segment one viewer shared on social media.

Twitter user @abbyhoward26 posted the clip of the broadcast, writing, “cleveland news has officially lost their minds…”

The Fox 8 feature debuted on April Fools, but the silly segment is no joke.

Another clip shared today shows Meany uttering “It’s Friday” before briskly strolling off the set.

Ohio’s lockdown officially began on March 23, and is currently set to last until April 6, according to Newsweek.

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