New Doc Follows LeBron James' School as It Gives Students a Chance: We 'Need a Little Inspiration'

“We’re also delivering meals to homes, making sure our kids have the tools they need for online learning, just anything we can do to help during this time, which we know is particularly challenging for the families in our program,” he explains.

This is now just one of many “challenges” that James and his team have faced since deciding to start a public school — and he appreciates that the I PROMISE series is not “sugar-coating” it.

“This is not easy by any means,” he tells PEOPLE. “I’ve always respected the process in everything — whether that’s preparing for the season, creating a film, or anything else — but this school has taught me how important the process, and having patience with the process, really is.”

“There are no shortcuts when you’re talking about educating a child and supporting their families. It’s a journey and we’re excited for people to get a look at what it takes.”

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