Need a Cloth Face Mask? These Are Available to Shop Right Now

For the foreseeable future, life shall be divided into two distinct time periods: B.C. and A.C., aka before COVID-19 and after COVID-19. And one of the ways the novel coronavirus has shifted the way we live our everyday lives is the need for face masks — the CDC is recommending that people wear them when going out in public to protect not only ourselves but, especially, those more susceptible to the highly infectious disease. With all that said, it makes sense to get one you like, right?

There’s no denying there’s been an uptick in the production of cloth face masks, which are reportedly the best type of face masks for civilians to wear. True, they aren’t a direct substitute for N95, surgical or procedural masks. But that’s the whole point. Those masks, while in high demand and short supply, should really be left for frontline workers such as healthcare professionals and first responders.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of protective and still somewhat stylish cloth face masks out there. Worrying about the way they look may sound superficial but, c’mon, these things cover half your face. It’s natural to want one that makes at least a little bit of a style statement. And, also, these are crazy and unprecedented times. Don’t feel bad about wanting to rock a cute face mask when you brave the grocery store or doctor’s office. We’re allowed to indulge in little luxuries right now!

So, with that said, we rounded up a collection of face masks that fit both bills: some chicer, some more perfunctory. And, most importantly, they’ll fit your bill so that you can go about your life responsibly.

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