Mum gives birth to 'miracle' baby after going through five miscarriages

Danielle Wilson was desperate to become a mother.

After suffering five devastating miscarriages, Danielle was left battling depression and desperately trying to find a reason for her loss.

Then, when she had almost given up hope, Danielle welcomed her ‘miracle’ baby, a daughter she named Georgia.

Georgia entered the world on 16 March, weighing 7lb 10oz and making all Danielle’s struggles worth it.

Danielle had her first miscarriage in March 2016, at almost six weeks. A few months later, in October 2016, she experienced a second miscarriage, but had no medical explanation.

When in July 2018 she had another miscarriage, Danielle realised she needed to investigate what was going on.

Danielle said: ‘Doctors don’t run any tests until you have three miscarriages- I was just told “it’s common, one of those things”.

‘At that point I started to notice a pattern and I was apprehensive – apparently it’s quite common to happen the first time but surely not common to happen again and again.

‘The next time I took the pregnancy test at four weeks and at six I miscarried again so I knew there was a problem with me.

‘My miscarriages made me feel like a complete failure as a woman, like I could not do what I should be able to do.

‘Especially as Ed has two lovely little girls from a previous relationship, although he knew what I had been through as we had been friends for years, it still devastated me that I may not be able to give him what another woman could.’

Danielle asked her GP to refer her to the miscarriage clinic at her local hospital but says her miscarriages were dismissed as ‘just one of those things’.

She went on to book an appointment at Tommy’s National Centre for Miscarriage Research at Birmingham Women’s Hospital, a charity that helps those who have experienced miscarriage and stillbirth.

After another miscarriage in October 2018, Danielle and Ed went through tests, scans, and research, and were prescribed progesterone.

Unfortunately, Danielle went on to have a fifth miscarriage in February 2019.

After more scans and more progesterone, the couple were hesistant to believe they were really going to become parents when they had a positive pregnancy test in July 2019.

‘We were just waiting for bad news again,’ said Danielle.

‘When we went for a scan and we heard a heartbeat, we knew she was there

‘I started feeling more calm after the 20 week scan when we found out she is a girl.

‘When I got to 35 weeks I think it hit me, it was finally happening.’

After a difficult labour Georgia Painter was born at 7lbs 10oz and three days later the happy pair were able to take her home.

Danielle said: I can’t describe the feeling when I saw her for the first time, I had this overwhelming feeling of love.

‘I was so proud of myself especially after everything we’ve been through.

‘If I hadn’t gone through all that, I wouldn’t have had her today so it was all worth it.

‘Taking her home was amazing, putting her in the car seat just didn’t seem real, I was so happy.

‘She is doing great now, she is very sassy and clingy but I don’t mind because that means I get more cuddles.

‘She is over 9 lbs now, she loves her food.’

To other people struggling to have children, Danielle says to never give up.

‘There is always someone who will help you, I was lucky to find that someone,’ she said.

‘Tommy’s are fantastic not only for the trials and treatments they do that other hospitals don’t, they are fantastic even more so for their hope and determination when you are running out of it yourself.

‘The overwhelming feeling of love when Georgia was placed on my chest is something I simply cannot describe, it’s a feeling like no other.

‘It’s something I never knew if I would get to experience.

‘When I became pregnant with Georgia in July 2019, we were past being excited when we saw those two lines, all we now felt was heartache of what could happen again.

‘It was quite nerve-wrecking because when I got to six weeks I was expecting something to go wrong.

‘And even my family couldn’t get excited anymore because of all the miscarriages before.

‘It’s a horrible feeling when you take a pregnancy test and as much as you want a baby, are dreading what’s coming because you end up thinking it might happen again – the paranoia never leaves you.

‘We are just so happy that we finally have our little family.’

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