Mum blogger blasts desperate and lonely men after stranger sends explicit snap

A mummy blogger slammed "desperate and lonely" men who send her unsolicited d*ck pics.

Constance Hall, who has 1.3 million Facebook followers, told creepy followers that their unwanted advances are "an assault".

The 39-year-old, from Perth in Australia, posted: "Aside from the obvious victim on the other end of this assault, what is going on with these blokes?

"So I tried putting myself in their shoes… What would drive me to the point of being gratified by sending a close up clit pic of my stimulated vulva to someone who I’m 99% sure doesn’t want to see my clacker?

"I’m trying to be really open minded here, use radical perspective taking and critical thinking to understand where they’re coming from."

The social media star debated whether men send X-rated pictures to strangers as an act of "depravity".

She theorised that some may do it "to get even" on their partners for cheating.

Or in other instances, they could send unsolicited penis pictures to "exert power" over others.

And then there's the people who get off and "gain actual happy hormones" by sending sexy snaps without permission.

After "putting herself in their shoes", Constance sarcastically admitted she had some sympathy for these "poor men".

But ultimately, it's completely unacceptable to send X-rated photos to others without getting their consent.

Constance added: "I do realise that it’s not always possible to understand someone who’s lived a different life to yours, male privilege can be hard to fully grasp when you been served the privilege of it, but there isn’t enough empathy in the world that could help me understand how desperate, lonely, sad and full of self entitlement Id have to be to send someone a close up of my aroused genitals who simply didn’t want to see them.

"But that doesn’t mean I don’t have sympathy, now that I’ve let the shock settle…

"I do feel a little sorry for the poor excited man, alone in his room, stiffy in one hand iPhone trying to get the best angle in the other, dreaming about the wide world of sexual encounters being had all over the place, none of which he was invited to."

Constance's post garnered 3,400 likes and hundreds of comments – and many agreed with her message.

One responder said: "I think half of them get off on it sexually just sending it out. And the other half are so full of themselves they believe they are gifted."

Another wrote: "It is the absolute equivalent of the 'flasher' on the street exposing himself to women and girls. There is definitely something wrong with guys who do this."

And a third added: "I’ve never really understood d*ck pics.

"Is that meant to turn me on? Should I be honoured you’ve graced me with the image? I think not."

Constance has shed light on an issue that is being tackled by the UK government at the moment.

‘Cyberflashing’ will become a new criminal offence with perpetrators facing up to two years behind bars under new laws.

The website states: "The practice typically involves offenders sending an unsolicited sexual image to people via social media or dating apps, but can also be over data sharing services such as Bluetooth and Airdrop. In some instances, a preview of the photo can appear on a person’s device – meaning that even if the transfer is rejected victims are forced into seeing the image.

"Research by Professor Jessica Ringrose from 2020 found that 76% of girls aged 12-18 had been sent unsolicited nude images of boys or men.

"Ministers have today confirmed that laws banning this behaviour will be included in the Government’s landmark Online Safety Bill alongside wide-ranging reforms to keep people safe on the internet.

"The new offence will ensure cyberflashing is captured clearly by the criminal law – giving the police and Crown Prosecution Service greater ability to bring more perpetrators to justice. It follows similar recent action to criminalise upskirting and breastfeeding voyeurism with the Government determined to protect people, particularly women and girls, from these emerging crimes."


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