M&S’ Valentine’s Day 2021 meal deal – ‘Dine in’ package includes ‘Love Linguine’, truffle mash and heart-shaped churros

M&S has brought back its very posh Valentine's Day £20 meal deal – and it includes new "Love Linguine".

The supermarket says its "Love Linguine" contains strands of pasta measuring 50cm in length for romantic "Lady in the Tramp" moments.

The linguine features British pork and beef meatballs, extra long pasta in a tomato, chilli and basil sauce, topped with Parmesan cheese.

Other Valentine's Day options shoppers can tuck into include two different types of steak, heart-shaped churros and a bottle of prosecco.

Through the M&S deal, loved-up diners can choose one starter, main, side, dessert, bottle of booze and a box of chocolates.

This is the same combo as last year, with the M&S deal also costing £20 in 2020.

What’s included in the M&S Valentine’s Day meal deal 2021?

M&S diners can tuck into the following options as part of its Valentine’s Day meal deal:

You get one starter, main, side, dessert, bottle of booze and a box of chocolates as part of the offer.


  • Coquilles St Jacques – usually £6
  • Puff Pastry Cheese & Leek Souffle Tarts – usually £3.50
  • Gastropub Duck Croquettes – usually £3.50
  • Gastropub Melting Cheese with Oatcakes – usually £5
  • Gastro Runny Scotch Egg – usually £3.50
  • NEW Our Best Ever Prawn Cocktail usually £6
  • NEW Salmon Sharing Platter usually £5
  • NEW Plant Kitchen Mushroom Pate (VE) usually £5


  • Rump Steak with Peppercorn Sauce – usually £10
  • Sirloin Steaks with heart shaped butter – usually £10
  • Rack of Lamb with Mustard, Honey & Herb Crust – usually £10
  • Pulled Beef Love Parcel – usually £8
  • Duck Breast with Plum Sauce – usually £7
  • Gastropub Beef Bourgignon – usually £8
  • NEW Love Linguine – usually £8
  • Our Best Ever Chicken Kiev – usually £10
  • NEW 2 Stuffed Seabass Fillets – usually £8
  • NEW Plant Kitchen No Beef Creamy Peppercorn Pie (VE) – usually £8


  • NEW Plant Kitchen Potato Dauphinoise (VE) – usually £3
  • Triple Cooked Chips – usually £2.75
  • Dauphinoise Potatoes – usually £3
  • Tenderstem Broccoli (VE) – usually £2
  • Frites – usually £2
  • Extra Fine Asparagus (VE) – usually £2
  • Truffled Cauliflower Cheese – usually £3
  • NEW Truffle Mash Potato – usually £3


  • Nuts about you Cheesecake – usually £4
  • 2 Gastropub Billionaire’s Pots – usually £4
  • Profiterole Stack – usually £3
  • Strawberries in a heart shaped punnet – usually £3.50
  • NEW Plant Kitchen Heart Churros with Chocolate Sauce (VE) – usually £4
  • NEW Glittering Heart Rose Flavoured Jelly – usually £2.25
  • 2 Tarte Au Citron Slices – usually £3.25
  • Cheeseboard Selection – usually £3.25


  • Conte Priuli Prosecco – usually £12
  • NEW Conte Priuli Prosecco Rose – usually £12
  • Vinalta Argentinian Malbec – usually £9
  • Valdamera Gran Reserva Red – usually £9
  • Classics Touraine Sauvignon Blanc– usually £8
  • Macon Village Chardonnay – usually £9
  • Sparkling British Elderflower x2 – usually £4.50
  • Orange and Mango Presse x2 – usually £4.50
  • Sparkling British Elderflower (no added sugar) x2 – usually £4.50
  • Sparkling Mexican Lime x2 – usually £4.50
  • Blackcurrant and Elderflower Presse x2 – usually £4.50


  • Love Bug Mini Chocolates – usually £1.50

M&S says the most shoppers can save through the offer this year is an impressive £16.50.

This is if you go for a £6 starter, a £10 main, a £3 side, a £4 dessert, £12 bottle of booze and £1.50 box of chocolates.

Shoppers would usually pay £36.50 for this combo but the price goes down to £20 because of the deal.

It means for a starter, you could pick scallops or prawn cocktail, followed by steak or chicken kiev as a main.

As for pudding, the maximum saving could include churros with chocolate sauce and a choice of two of the proseccos.

The maximum saving this year is up from the £16.30 you could save from the deal in 2020.

In total, there’s around 50 different items to choose from, with the meal deal available in stores until February 14.

Ocado is also selling a Valentine's M&S meal deal range for £18 with items such as fish pie and lasagne.

The M&S offer is pricier than other supermarket meal deals – for example, the Co-op one costs £15 but you don't get a box of chocolates included.

Morrisons' dine in for two offer also costs £15 but you have to choose between a drink or box of chocolates, although you do get two sides.

Here's how we rated all the Valentine's Day supermarket meal deals from 2020 including Tesco, Asda and Aldi.

We rated Morrisons for having an impressive saving of £19.20 and a decent selection of food.

But Sainbury's was least impressive with a saving of £2.10 and a weak choice of grub.

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