Mothers share life's top tips for happiness

Drink from the best glasses, never apologise for leaving work to do the school run and don’t make decisions when you’re hungry: Mums share ‘life’s top tips’ for happiness

  • A thread on parenting website Mumsnet has revealed some of ‘life’s top tips’
  • Posts include tips like ‘drink from the best glasses and use the fine china’
  • Another said not to make any big decisions when you’re hungry, angry or lonely

Many people have their own life hacks or tips in which they turn to when they are having a bad day to keep them motivated.  

People on British parenting forum Mumsnet have been sharing ‘life’s top tips’- and you may even get some pointers for yourself. 

The conversation started when one women asked the question ‘tell me your life’s top tip’ before she shared one herself about how rewarding being selfless can be.  

She wrote: ‘If you are feeling low, do something for someone else. Not because you have to, but because you can. 

Life is short, why not drink from the best china there’s no point in letting it sit in your cupboard gathering dust 

‘I promise you will walk away feeling more inspired than you did before! Just be kind in life, it’s so rewarding. 

Meanwhile, one poster said: ‘Drink from the best glasses. Use the fine china, carry the expensive handbag- any day and every day.

Continuing the discussion, a Mumsnet user replied saying: ‘I like this, SPOIL YOURSELF, life’s too short to wait for the perfect day to feel good. I love all of the suggestion, very positive.’

Some more tips included someone who said to always ‘trust your gut’ when in uncomfortable situations. 

Some more tips included someone who said to always ‘trust your gut’ when in uncomfortable situations

They said: ‘Always always listen to your gut. If it feels wrong it is. If your brain is shrieking at you not to do something don’t do it. 

‘Get out of there, as fast as you can. If there is someone giving you the creeps you don’t owe them anything including politeness. 

‘If you end up being wrong then so be it but a decent person would not mind you keeping yourself safe as an absolute priority and will understand. But you can’t be wrong about this stuff. Act immediately.’

While other women had simpler life hack style tips such as how to clean your toilet.

One person wrote: ‘Use toilet roll to clean your toilet then throw away the dirty paper. Voila, no manky cloth ever again.’

One poster on the thread shared her very wise top tip saying: ‘Never take other peoples behaviour personally, while another said don’t make life harder then it is 

Another interesting tip was from a mum who told women to stop apologising as it is ok to be ‘busy and important.’  

She said: ‘And if you are part time, or have to leave to pick up your children at the end of the day rather than staying late – don’t apologise for it. 

‘If you apologise, people think you have something to apologise for. Be busy and important.’

Some more sound advice game from a women who urged others to not ‘make any big decisions before sleeping on it.’ 

If your feeling low a great way to change your mood is to call a friend or go for a coffee, you will feel better afterwards 

She said: ‘When you wake up, the first thing in your head is it.’ 

One poster on the thread shared her very wise top tip saying: ‘Never take other peoples behaviour personally. 

‘It’s never anything to do with you and it’s their responsibility to behave well. You don’t need to do anything to try and make them treat you better.’

Don’t change for anyone, find people you can get along with and if life gets overwhelming put one foot in front of the other 

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