'Money Heist' Fans Think Berlin's Girlfriend Tatiana Will Play A Major Role In Season 4

Netflix’s La Casa de Papel (a.k.a. Money Heist) season 4 is almost here. In just a few days your favorite thieves will back in the Royal Bank of Spain, attempting to pull off their biggest robbery yet.

Season 3 left off on a cliffhanger. Nairobi was just shot, Lisbon was caught by police, The Professor was on the run, and one of the hostages had escaped. Plus, Rio and Denver were trapped in an elevator with a grenade and Tokio had been captured. Based on this not-so-happy ending, the heist is in desperate need of saving, and that help may just come from one of last season’s minor characters.

Fans think Berlin’s girlfriend, Tatiana, could play a major role in the success of the heist and the robbers’ escape. Remember Tatiana? We met her briefly in season 3. Here’s why her role in season 4 is crucial.

Berlin told Tatiana both plans to rob the Royal Mint and Bank of Spain.

Tatiana (Diana Gómez) first appears in season 3 during flashback conversations between The Professor (Álvaro Morte) and Berlin (Pedro Alonso). The two are hiding out in a monastery in Italy with Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna) when Berlin introduces Tatiana to The Professor as his girlfriend. During lunch, he tells The Professor that he’s already told Tatiana about their prospective robberies. “She knows. There are no secrets between us,” he says.

As you can imagine, this seriously upsets The Professor and he scolds Berlin for putting their plan in danger. “You can’t risk this entire plan for a woman—that’s the first rule,” he says. “A job can’t be poisoned by a romantic relationship. Never.” Tatiana is the only outsider left who knows in great detail what The Professor and his team have planned. And this could either be a great advantage or lead to their demise.

She’s also an experienced robber.

If Tatiana appears in season 4, she could come back as an ally in the heist. She’s already mastered the job. When The Professor asks he what she does for a living during their first meeting, she initially tells him that she’s a classical pianist. But Berlin makes a comment about her “heavenly fingers,” alluding to her other job. “Piano and jewels are my two specialties,” Tatiana says.

And it turns out she and Berlin have already committed several robberies together during their relationship. “We spent 14 hours in a stinky basement to open a hole in the wall. And we made love as if there was no tomorrow. People discuss with their partner when they go on holiday to Marbella. We robbed Credit Agricole and it felt as if we were in our honeymoon,” Berlin told The Professor.

Fans think she’s already a part of the heist or maybe even in the bank.

One Reddit theory suggests that Tatiana (Diana Gómez) is supposed to be the same person as Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri), the lead detective years later. Redditor SergeantCATT wrote, “Tatiana looks very much like Alicia. I even went to IMDb to check the actors, they were different but still.” The theory argues that Tatiana’s looks have just changed over the years or during her pregnancy, if she’s supposed to be Alicia. Others have argued that because the actresses are different people that their resemblance could mean that Tatiana is Alicia’s sister (major plot twist!).

But the more plausible theory is that Tatiana is already in the bank and a fully involved member or the heist. Redditor Saya28 wrote in the the thread, “I have this crazy theory that Tatiana is one of the hostages inside the bank.” And user foodnetflixsleep03 agrees screenshooting an image of the Tatiana look-alike.

Money Heist, of course, has not yet confirmed any of these fan theories. But the show’s director, Álex Pina said in an interview that season 4 will slow down to focus on the characters and then hit us with a dramatic bomb in the middle of the season. Who’s to say that bomb isn’t Tatiana?

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