Metallica Creates a Sonically-Enhanced Limited Edition American Whiskey

BLACKENED — a collaborative whiskey project between the legendary heavy metal band Metallica and master distiller Dave Pickerell — has now launched a new limited edition batch of blended whiskey, combining various bourbons and ryes. Created as a celebration of the band and the San Francisco Symphony’s original 1999 album S&M, this particular batch has been finished through the liquor company’s trademarked BLACK NOISE finish, a sonic-enhancement process featuring the two musical icon’s S&M2 playlist. If even that’s not metal enough for you, the limited edition bottle also comes complete in a black box featuring long-time Metallica collaborator Squindo’s unique artwork, making it a highlight for any whiskey collection.

“The S&M2 performances were a challenge for us,” said Metallica’s lead guitarist Kirk Hammett. “The first S&M shows in 1999 were such a pivotal part of Metallica’s evolution. We knew we had to mark their 20th anniversary on an even bigger scale, but without sacrificing any of the intimacy of those shows. The reaction has been incredible, to the shows and the album, and we’re thrilled to be able to bring those same S&M2 vibes to BLACKENED.”

“I was actually at the arena for both nights of the S&M2 concert,” added Rob Dietrich, master distiller and blender for the whiskey. “The insane energy that exuded from both the fans and performers is unforgettable. It’s amazing to bring that spirit and passion to BLACKENED.”

Head over to BLACKENED’s website to learn more.

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